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[UPDATE] Congrats to our winner, Raychelle!  

And now for something completely different…

Let’s have some fun playing with the traditional “Caption Contest” idea. Above is an image — give it some conversation. Something like:

“It was moments like this when Al Gore hated playing hot potato with Richard Branson.”

That’s weak, but I’m sure you can come up with something better! Winner gets a copy of The Green Book (details here). Go!

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  • ~CW~

    “We got the whole world in our hands”

  • Scot Quaranda

    “Quit it Richard! That reminds me too much of W’s environmental policies!”

  • raychelle

    hey careful there, that’s my nobel beach prize.

  • Wayne

    Al says “damn I thought I had the whole world in my hands, and then he comes along. This is not fair, after all I invented global warming so I should at least get to hold the damn thing!”

  • Matt

    Branson: See! I can make it fly just by harnessing the incredible power of my brain!

    Gore: Wow! Now there’s a clean source of renewable energy. Let’s hook him up to the grid.

  • Jacob Fathbruckner

    Branson: Ouch!
    Gore: I told you it was getting hotter.

  • Simone Brunozzi

    Richard Branson:
    ” This world ball is nice, clean and perfect! See how I play with it? See the revolution of the globe?”

    Al Gore:
    ” Damn, Richard, stop being a kid, let’s focus on nice young women instead! Didn’t you know that climate is “hot” nowadays? Pun intended eh eh!”

  • Brookie

    Nice toss, limey. I’m still greener than you.

  • sam

    The world stops and waits as Richard Branson & Al Gore stares & stops the world in to its place, right before it all comes down…

  • Tony Kvale

    “One Giant Cajone is Better Than Two from George Bush”

    (Question: Was this online caption game perhaps inspired by our Head1Liners eco board game?)

  • jeffery wade vaughan

    now that you seem to be on the same screen together , good day to you i have left messages on your other sights in hope of you reciveing them, sir branson and mr gore we have alot todo and many dreams to build ones which will achive all that you speak of . i awaite your happly responce and the opening of a new day where our dreams of a cleaner world and a brighter futur for all man kind abounds. as i have said i am willing to share all which i know and dream of respectfuly mr vaughan .

  • jeffery wade vaughan

    oh and i did not intend on upsetting any one , for humble i am

  • jeffery wade vaughan

    for you see in the school of upwardly thinking,the thoughts of looking back to speak and exspound apone the iggnorence of others only serves to cloud the task at hand for us the thought and love of talent drives us to gracefuly exstend our hand in thoughts to build and engine which needs no fuel but reclaims a gas and condences it to a liquide to be re introduced into the engine, there by removeing harmful green house gases and stablizeing the economic growth of all the world