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Friends Of The Earth Not Very Friendly Towards Richard Branson's Biofuel Plane

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branson.jpgWhile the rest of the world was intrigued by Sir Richard Branson’s announcement of the first biofuel flight for a 747 jet, the organization Friends of the Earth was miffed by the idea. Apparently, they feel such advances as biofuel flights are a distraction from the main issues of climate-change. They have a right to be suspicious — after all, of the four engines used to power the 747, only one has a biofuel mixture — a 20% blend of coconut and babassu palm oil. But are they being too critical? Branson’s argument is that while it may be a small step, it nonetheless is something positive for the aviation industry. FOE isn’t buying it. From the article,

“Meanwhile, back in the staff room, Kenneth Richter, Friends of the Earth aviation campaigner, said: “Biofuels are a major distraction in the fight against climate change. There is mounting evidence that the carbon savings from biofuels are negligible. If Virgin was really serious about reducing the aviation industry’s impact on the environment it would support calls for aircraft emissions to be included in the climate change bill.”

I don’t know. Brason’s not trying to distract anyone from the big picture. If we can find alternatives to oil — in a sustainable fashion — that have any type of impact on carbon emissions, I’d call that a positive. Certainly, there should be emissions taxes on airplane flights, but to knock the actions of one person trying to make a difference is silly. Global Cool presented this great quote from Branson,

“Biofuel is not the answer. Wind power is not the answer. Wave power is not the answer. Natural gas is not the answer. Nuclear is not the answer. It will have to be a mix of the best solutions from all these areas that will win the battle to keep CO2 levels below those at which Gaia will strike back at some stage, and kill the problem – in this case us.”

And where was this quote pulled from? The Friends of the Earth website. Nice.

via global cool

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  • http://michalkolesar.net/ Lomedin

    Erm, why do you advocate for a species who is destroying Earth? Just because you are part of it? The fact that you advocate for future generations is contradictory to advocating for a world to live in… You may have more in common with those F.O.E. idiots than you might think.

  • http://michalkolesar.net/ Lomedin

    What I’d like is for those F.O.E. to stop the vegetarian bullshit and go 100% vegan. Environmentalists who consume dairy and eggs (not to mention fish and even meat) are the worst.
    Although they seem to care very little for non-human animals, to be honest. Typical anthropocentric crap.


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