by Michael Parrish DuDell
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Looks like a candle isn’t the only thing blowing in the wind these days at Elton John’s house. Yes friends, that was a penis joke.

It’s been reported that during a post-Oscar party on Sunday, Elton John offered to remove his pantsuit during an auction for Aids research-hoping it might help raise bids (indeed, pun intended).

Animal wearing Cruella DeVille herself, Sharon Stone, was the auctioneer and confessed that sadly she wouldn’t be dropping any of her clothing (probably because it would get up and run away), stating, “I’d do that, but you’ve seen it before.”

No word yet on if Elton’s threat actually came to fruition, but hopefully they raised enough money with or without an appearance by Elton’s John. Because let’s be honest, when it comes to giving to charity, we all know that size DOES matter!

[UPDATE] According to reports, Elton John’s Oscar viewing party helped raise $5.1 million dollars for his AIDS foundation. Way to go!

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