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It seems that here at Ecorazzi, I am the official Prince Charles correspondent. I loved him once. I loved him twice. And right now I’m about to ready to switch teams and give Camilla a run for her money. Check this out:

Prince Charles has just officially banned foie gras from all royal menus and “instructed chefs at all of his royal residences to stop serving the dish.” This decision was made after an activist in Bristol noticed foie gras being sold in the House of Cheese, a royalty appointed shop, and wrote to Charles in Charge explaining just how cruel this “delicacy” is.

Prince Charles’ Deputy Master of the Household (maybe the coolest job title ever) responded:

“The Prince of Wales has asked me to write and thank you for your letter about animal welfare issues surrounding the production of foie gras and your experience in Tetbury. I just wanted to reassure you that The Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras. His Royal Highness was not aware that the House of Cheese sells foie gras and this will be addressed when their warrant is reviewed.”

What the royal mandate is going on??? Today, PETA’s president sent a letter to the Prince, personally thanking him for his compassion and positive example. So far, here in the states, the city of Chicago and the state of California are setting the trend by no longer permitting this disgusting practice.

Please, please visit to find out more about the quest to ban foie gras forever!

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  • Brookie

    God that is so cool. Why is the UK so badass?

  • Sarah

    Brookie — because foie gras is French. Do you think that he’d be doing this if it was a historically British delicacy?

    Just saying … ;)

  • ahawa

    That’s a great decision of Prince Charles! Congratulations! I wish for definetely more celebs of any kind to announce that they will abandon this dish!!! It’s pure cruelty! Nobody has to eat something like this…and nobody should!


    Good for you Prince Charles! I just watched the undercover investagation video of how ducks are treated to make Foie Gras delicacy. Thank GOD I am an Okie and love pinto beans, chicken fried steak and OKRA. Normal food!

  • parrish

    MaryLou not so fast! Go to and find out more about that chicken fried steak you’re munching down….it ain’t much better! Thanks for staying foie gras free!

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