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The latest celebrity to join Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, Jeremy Piven and others in test-leasing a BMW Hydrogen 7 vehicle is actor Edward Norton. While famous folk like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Cameron Diaz might have these vehicles drop them off at special events, the above select group actually get to use the cars for their everyday activities. It’s all part of BMW’s “Pioneer Program” to put the vehicle in the hands of high-profile individuals and record feedback for future improvements. From the release,

While the BMW Hydrogen 7 is not for sale, it is considered to be a milestone in bringing forward hydrogen as the sustainable fuel for individual transportation. Running in hydrogen mode, the BMW Hydrogen 7 essentially emits nothing but water vapor, representing a major step in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. It is not a concept car, but a production model vehicle that has successfully completed the entire Product Development Process.”

Norton is a fitting choice to evaluate this clean technology, since he’s also one of the founders of the Solar Neighbors Program; which aims to get photovoltaic panels onto low-income homes in Los Angeles. Most recently, he hooked up with Will Ferrell to donate a solar system to a supportive housing unit for the chronically homeless.

We hope he enjoys his new green wheels!

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  • jennifer ramos

    i would love one of these….hope they get them out sooner then they are expecting to. good for edward, hes such a cutie and glad to see he’s putting in his part.

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  • yoshikonorton

    Why didn’t the writer point some problems of the hydrogen cars?
    Of course I know a lot of celebrities, including Mr. Al Gore and Governor Schwarzenegger, are interested in that car.
    However I heard in European countries some cities is developting their plans that they produce towns where the people can live without the cars by providing the public transport.
    And it is very difficult to find any hydrogen stations at the present time.
    I think we should search for the impartial informations.
    By the way I remember Edward Norton said that he loved Japanese eco-cars best.

  • Walter Hammerstein

    Power, Luxury, Performance!
    If you want to retain these features while utilizing clean energy, then this pretty much sounds like the way to go. I heard that BMW has chosen hydrogen so that the vehicle can maintain the power that many hybrid cars seem to lose. I’ve also heard that this car really hauls ass! And it’s a 7 series. Looks a lot classier than the tin-canesque Prius. I’m glad to see that A-List celebrities are helping to spread the word and hopefully the rest of us will catch on.

  • yoshikonorton

    Does anyone know how much this car is?
    Can the ordinary people afford this expensive car if they are interested in the environmental issues?
    Or should we respect the celebrities for their wealth?
    Please recommond us more practical event.
    I think this articles is a just advertising for BMW.

  • Don Messer

    Can you tell us more about how the car works, and if there are refills for the hydrogen at stations or somewhere? How many miles do you get per gallon? Will this ever be offered to regular people with regular jobs? I work at Wal=mart, where a lot of people would see the advertisements on the car.

  • john pegleg

    Yoshiko sounds to me that you are a shill for Japanese cars.

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  • Bill Kahler

    I have a two man Research & development company in Johns Island South Carolina, 15 min. from charlestion. I am want to retrofit Honda autos with hydrogen systems.
    I have funding and need some pull to persuade Linde or some other n2 supplier to open a filling station in Johns island. I may also be able to aquire funding for a filling station.
    I am hoping that you may have some Idea of how to persuade a n2 supplier to open a filling station here. I am really tired of big oil & all the enviromental problems it poses.
    Bill Kahler

  • Philip Balmer

    Multiport fuel injection engins (ICE) Can be converted to Run on H2

  • Uncle B

    Now we need desert/solar electric plants to produce the fuel, the car is a fact.

  • Bliss

    Screw the car – Can I just have Edward?? please? :)

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