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I’m not sure if this is the right message.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked an Ohio museum to return his Austrian army tank so that he can offer rides to inner-city children as an award for avoiding drugs and working hard in school. Schwarzenegger acquired the M47 American-made tank from the Austrian government and had it eventually shipped to a Columbus, Ohio shopping mall when he opened a Planet Hollywood there. From the article,

“‘I’m pleased we had the opportunity to have it and let people see it,’ Motts said Tuesday. ‘It was neat to have a Hollywood connection.’ Motts said the tank was removed from the museum Feb. 19, hoisted by crane onto a truck and transported to California. Aaron McLear, Schwarzenegger’s press secretary, said the governor plans to store the tank at a private location.”

Schwarzenegger said one of the reasons he’s pushing for the tank attraction is because “children just aren’t that excited about a tour of the state Capitol.” Right — and a ride in a military weapon is the correct alternative. Couldn’t he just sponsor hot air balloon rides or something? I’m just not sure this is the right “reward” to give kids. Thoughts?

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  • matt

    This man is our governor! Good God…

  • Emily

    Stay off drugs, out of gangs, and do well in school, and I’ll let you play with my military issue weapon….

    what about an airshow? sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet/airplane carrier is JUST as exciting and much less “run them over and blow them up”

  • Brookie

    I moved out of California when this man won. I’m smart.

  • Samian

    That is SO COOL!!!
    But I wonder what the girls at those inner-city schools will think of this ))

  • Simon

    I don’t know about others, but I would be thrilled to ride a tank.


    Darn, I wish I had thOUght of that.