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The very famous, very sexy, very vegetarian, Alyssa Milano, is wearing nothing but salad for the folks at PETA.

The ad is part of PETA’s, Let Vegetarianism Grow On You campaign and features the actress turned sportswear designer in what looks to be a gown of collard greens and a corset made from asparagus and cabbage leaves.

Along with posing, Milano is asking her fans to boycott meat and visit PETA’s website for more information and some delicious free recipes.

To find out what other celebrates and historical figures have taken the Veg Pledge, visit!

thanks: starpulse

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  • ShoeLaLa

    very pretty ad. the skanky naked lady lettuce ones definitely have their place, but it’s nice to see something a little less playboy…

  • Darky

    Yayyy! Go Alyssa!! I like her a lot. She also helps Unicef or she did…i saw the vid of her in india anyway. :)
    I am also a fan of “Charmed” and a Vegan…I am glad she is doing this, too!

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  • Carrie

    For some reason I would just think of bugs! Ewww I don’t think I’d put it on but Alyssa Milano rules. Have you seen her on My Name is Earl? Sooo funny!! And she is starring in a new Lifetime movie with James Caan called WiseGal.

  • Rich (from Boston)

    I love this woman, but I love my red meat too. But if it means having a salad on our first date I guess I can make the sacrifice, I’ll just have to hit Wendy’s on the way home that night, or better yet, McDonald’s for a McMuffin the following morning. ;-)