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Singer Kylie Minogue is selling the island home she used as a sanctuary following her unfortunate brush with breast cancer back in 2005. The four-bedroom property located on French Island — about a two-hour boat trip from her hometown of Melbourne, Australia — is expected to fetch close to $2 million US. It also features a wide range of renewable energy sources, since French Island has no piped water, electricity, or gas. From the article,

“Several environmentally friendly innovations have been made by the Minogues, including solar and wind power installations. It is served by a ferry that runs services to the mainland. The decision to sell came as a shock to the island’s 80 permanent residents, who seemed to love their celebrity star neighbour.”

All together, the Minogues have spent more than $1 million dollars on renovating the 222-acre property — including the planting of over 1,000 trees. The grounds also feature an organic fruit and vegetable garden and are home to rare species of birds and a large koala population.

For more photos of the home — or to place a bid yourself (you wealthy bastard!), click here.

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5 Responses to Kylie Minogue’s Solar and Wind Powered Island Home Up For Sale

  1. oakling says:

    I know that koalas are actually vicious or something, but the mental image I now have of leetle koalas eating fresh organic fruit on the freaking island paradise is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

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  3. Ferry for all says:

    Here’s an idea. Why not convert the property into a retreat for women suffering with breast cancer? It looks and sounds like an idyllic location for recuperation as Ms Minogue could attest.

  4. Retreat says:

    I agree with “Ferry for all” this home should be turned into a retreat for all recovering breast cancer patients or a retreat for them to meet other recovering patients. What a great Idea it should truly be considered by the Minogue family.

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