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Paris Hilton is so smart. And also, today is opposite day.

Ecorazzi previously reported that while on Ellen, the hotel heiress revealed that she had essentially opened a mini-Hilton for her 17 dogs in the backyard of her Los Angeles residence. What Paris didn’t know is that it’s illegal to have more than 3 dogs in any “non-kennel, non-breeder, residential address” in LA.  Oh and now that Paris has served time, you better believe the popo was all up on her ass.

Hilton has since cut her doggy supply from 17 to 10….still 7 above legal limits. Paris said:

“I only have 10 dogs now. Some of my dogs had puppies, so I gave some of them away to people I really know and trust. I gave some to my stylist and to a few of my best friends, so now I’m down to 10.” 

How does she get away with the breach? Well first off, she’s stupidly rich and famous (which is the ultimate loophole), but also she claims to not keep all of her pups on the same property.  You tricky, tricky socialite!  Paris also admitted that she has more exotic pets on a ranch in Nevada including: two monkeys, two rabbits and some ferrets.  Two monkeys, of course! I’ve been wondering who penned Paris’ last book, Confession of an Heiress.  Now it all makes sense.

  • Brookie

    Her dogs had puppies?! They weren’t even fixed?! Of course!

  • Emily

    So she should fix her dogs, like a responsible pet owner. And maybe herself while she’s at it. Certainly she’ll get a bulk-rate…

  • http://none Little Momma

    Not to be mean, just honest. I think not only should she get her dogs spayed and neutered. As the comment above said she should as well. I want to add that too bad her parents did not get “fixed”.
    Time and time again we see Paris doing the wrong thing with her pets. She does not care and I bet thinks of her pets as accessories. She should be banned from aving pets. At least until she grows a brain.

  • erin

    you might have seen over at one of those other celeb sites (not cool like ecorazzi mind you ;) that she was caught shopping in pets of bel air yet AGAIN (just two days ago!) they were the ones exposed by the HSUS (AND law enforcement) for selling puppy mill dogs) paris doesn’t care, still buys more dogs there and then has them mating. sick ugly …(can’t say the last word for what she really is but think “female dog”

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  • Aoife

    I guess with her billions, she can’t afford to spay/neuter her dogs…Paris Hilton, backyard breeder. Literally.

    Stupid woman. All the dogs being killed in shelters daily, and she supports puppy mills and breeds her own dogs and gives the puppies to friends. Idiot.

  • Jess

    Previous comment: LOL!