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When the Internet drinks too heavily on a Monday afternoon (we’re talking multiple dry martinis, people!) all sorts of crazy things can come rolling off the tongue. Take for instance this rumor — from, ahem, Austria no less — that Brad Pitt is mulling a run at Mayor of New Orleans. Here’s all the evidence you need:

“Now there’s some buzz that Pitt is interested in really taking charge of the Big Easy, and we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen a politician like him.”

That’s it. And suddenly a million keyboards are alight with Brad Pitt’s mayoral campaign. As far we can tell, it looks like first mention was way back on February 2nd from an Irish publication. Once again, the word “buzz” was mentioned. Frankly, we can’t blame people for hoping — after the highly successful media blitz for his Make It Right NOLA campaign, Pitt looked about the one guy who was actually getting anything done to helping people rebuild. With a home in the city, and even more commitments to continue helping down the road, a “Pitt For Mayor” bumper sticker has a nice ring to it. OK, it’s actually pretty terrible, but I’m sure they could come up with something better.

If Pitt does make a run for office, we’ll be the first to eat our hats (or something nearby) — but don’t count on it happening. Isn’t there enough Obama/Clinton excitement in the air to keep us distracted?

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  • stupid is as stupid does

    I believe a poitical name was also mentioned
    something to distract from his HW roots and make him more approachable to the litle man he hopes to represent
    take him seriously boy,

    you know you want him

  • Ellie

    much as we all love Brad- does anyne else thing it’s a trifle ironic that there’s 8 plastic bottles of water on the table in front of the big Global Green logo??

  • michael

    Ha, nice spy Ellie — yes, that is a bit bizarre. Perhaps Pitt is asking for some tap in that photo? :)

  • stupid is as stupid does

    not bizarre at all- all of pitt’s gas guzzling green credentials are summed up in those bottles

    ‘you save energy so i don’t have to’

    vroom vroom

  • michael

    What exactly are Pitt’s gas-guzzling credentials?

  • stupid is as stupid does

    are you serious?
    Brad pitt- the owner of a Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastests road cars in the world, that gets maybe 4mpg, if that?

    Brad pitt- who just took possession (boo hoo i wasn’t first) Ducati Desmosedici RR motorcycle($72,500)

    brad pitt who owns and runs several enormous compound houses in LA/malibu and employs a small army to cater for his every silly need
    not to mention using private jets here, there and everywhere to ferry his faily about for the latest photo-op
    or taking over a small country to ensure media blackout for the birth of the blob

    his carbon foot print is as enormous as his ego
    he is as green as he is cabbage looking
    which, these days , is pretty green

  • Emily

    1) If I could own a bugatti, I would.
    2) If I could own a Ducati, I would. (hey…this is starting to rhyme)

    3) When I get my pilot’s license, I plan on flying myself anywhere I need to fly to.

    4) He EMPLOYS people. Which means that the “compounds” aren’t sitting empty like so many second homes (hello- half of the homes in vail are empty year round but still need to have utilities running to prevent the pipes from freezing up, etc) which means that people have inexpensive housing and incomes…helping the economy. And chances are that they have several green initiatives in place (at the very least, they recycle and use CLRs) so that’s good.

    4) They didn’t “take over” the country. And while they were there they organized a co-op so that local residents can sell their crafts (for lack of a better term – handmade pottery, blankets, baskets, etc) and bring an income into a poverty striken country. What did you do the last time you left the country?

    5) Yes, his carbon footprint is large. but how do you know he isn’t off-setting? Even Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio have large footprints, but they’re doing more than the average citizen and you can’t knock them for that.

    6) 8 bottles? Come on, guys? How about a nice crystal pitcher of iced tap and tumblers for the crew. Eco-friendly AND souvenir-like.

  • Maritza

    I bet Brad would like that, but Angelina wouldn’t let hime cause she can’t stay put in one place for more than 3 weeks.

  • stupid is as stupid does

    Dear Emily, bravo on your upstanding principles – if you want the bugatti, why not- the private jet to get you anywhere you want to go, why not.
    If Mr pitt- you seem so affronted-is your idea of a statesman, a leader of a city then who am i to piss on your chips.
    For me , i disagree.On all fronts.
    I don’t think it is okay to run homes, empty homes, with an army of people , jet privately hither and thither as it suits, or to use position in censoring the media-at home or abroad whilst in the same breath extolling the virtues of saving energy and sharing wealth and ‘reporting without borders’.i think it’s hypocritical.
    If you jump on the green bandwagon, or the humanitarian bandwagon, for that- it opens the door for scutiny of your own practice.
    I disagree that ‘off setting ‘ makes it okay- as an adjunct perhaps but not a sustainable alternative. An adjunct for the wealthy to buy intransigence maybe but not really using your status to try and change attitudes to anything particularly green other than your green vanity project -and with it some much needed public attention (seeing as your films don’t garner any these days)
    I believe he does actually have to live there to ‘qualify’ to be mayor so fingers crossed he continues flying hither and thither, just being an actor.

  • Emily

    I never said he should run for mayor.

    Perhaps instead of defending him, I should simply have said “At least he’s not David Bekham.”

  • Khaj

    Out of curiosity…
    ~ How often does Brad drive/ride the gas guzzlers?

    On another note…
    ~ Running an “empty home” with “armies of people” is an oxymoron since the “armies of people” would inhabit the home thereby making it… wait for it… No Longer Empty.

    ~ What’s the fuel consumption comparison between a private jet and… say… Air Force One (or Two) or Marine One? (no, I’m not comparing the individuals, merely the transportation methods) Or even the comparison between a private jet and a nearly empty jumbo jet (given the paps and crowds that often surround celebrities, one would have to assume they’d buy out a large number of seats in order to ensure a tranquil flight).

    ~ There’s a difference between censorship and attempting to keep nosy people out of your personal business (and don’t give me the line about “he’s a celebrity, if he doesn’t like it he should find another job” given the level of coverage and scrutiny that celebrities are subject to these days, it makes about as much sense as if one were to say that if Lincoln, Kennedy, et al didn’t want to be killed, they shouldn’t have become President of the United States or that Martin Luther King Jr shouldn’t have advocated Civil Rights.)

    ~ As for off-setting… isn’t that what conservation is all about…? Off-setting our consumption? Quite honestly, I don’t think that what Brad is doing in New Orleans qualifies as being tantamount to saying “you conserve so I don’t have to”. Now, if he went into some random house and started telling people how to recycle, etc then we saw him go home and not do the same, that would qualify. But being a part of a spearhead project to *rebuild* in an eco-friendly manner…? No, that doesn’t even come *close*.

    As for the water bottles… there’s a couple of ways it can be taken… the owners of the other bottles are out of camera range; we don’t know how many times they’ve re-filled said bottles (my family does it all the time, we buy a case of water, then re-use the bottles until they can’t be used any more) We also don’t know (or at least *I* don’t) know what brand water that is and what their recycling policies/practices are. I/we also don’t know what the area’s policies are on water bottle recycling (many cities and states are implementing a water bottle return system like that of the soda/beer deposit system.)

  • Armine Abrahamyan

    I think it is not right tom generalize people.
    I persoanlly think Pitt is too young to be a mayor.


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  • BigD

    I think the bigger point to all of this is that the only reason he’s even being talked about is because since Hurricane Katrina, he’s actually DONE things here. As a lifelong resident, its nice to see someone DO and not just TALK about doing. I’ve personally seen the work his MakeItRight group has done and continues to do and its refreshing. We members of the creative class in NOLA are hoping we get some new blood to run for mayor as we finally are freed from the bumblings of Idiot Nagin (and no, I didn’t vote for him). Old guard politicos won’t do anymore – we need people who put their money where their mouth is. Sure, he has more money than most, but he’s actually spent it and used his celebrity to get some really good things done here. Most of our policicians (see the Jefferson clan, Gill-Pratt, etc…) care only to line their own pockets. I’ll take passion and commitment over “political experience” anyday.

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