by Michael Parrish DuDell
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Besides the fact that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition isn’t very green, I have two big issues with the program. One: I wonder how the family pays for the maintenance and property taxes once the cameras are gone. Two: It makes me blubber like an idiot. Putting all of that aside, it’s nice to see EMHE taking part in an eco-contest.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is launching Educate To Escape, a sweepstakes sponsored in part by Ford, to provide up to $250,000 in eco-friendly improvements to one school.  Along with that, Ford will also give away a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid to one lucky viewer. The Ford Escape Hybrid boasts 34mpg and uses a combination of electric and gas to help reduce carbon emissions. Sexy stuff!

True, this does smell like a “look how green we are” promotion, but at least they’re putting a quarter of a million bucks into a noble cause. If you’re school needs to be pimped out in green, visit and help Ty “MOVE THAT BUS!!!!!!!!”

  • Georgia

    Can’t win can they? First you say they aren’t green then you bag on them for trying to be green. You have no idea what you are talking about, if you want to make a difference, don;t be a hater.

  • parrish

    Georgia-Please note “True, this does smell like a “look how green we are” promotion, but at least they’re putting a quarter of a million bucks into a noble cause.”

  • phelisha

    Port charlotte middle school should be nominated for this opertunity because,not only is this school over 35 years old but there are cocroaches in every class room that run around,there are HUNDREDS of them,people have gotten sick here because of the moldiness places,the bugs and more,our lunch rooms are good but the kitchens are tiny!so please help our school….

  • phelisha

    PLEASE pick port charlotte middle{in flordia}

  • Taylor

    Huntley Project High School should get this because we have no high school now. Also because this didnt just affect students that go for four years and then move away to a different school, this school has seniors that have been going here for 12 or 13 years. It didnt just affect the high school it affected the elementary, JH, and most of all the community. We all are standing high and putting on our happy face but we need a school. please extreme makeover help us!!! Love, Huntley

  • raymond

    Pick Huntley Please…..we need it, it might be the whole school that we need but we now you guys are the ones that could do that!!!!!! You guys are the best and the ones we want to do this for!

  • Byron Thomas

    My name is Byron Thomas and I’m the new Vice President of North Augusta High School in North Augusta, South Carolina. I’m going to the 11th grade and want to be a climatologist/meteorologist, and a global warming politician  when I grow up. (Al Gore is my role model). Everyday I look at our high school I notice that its long, big, and tall but most important is that its flat topped and one day I thought that our school would be a great source of clean energy by investing in solar power. I have talked to our principal about it and he said it was a great idea but one thing is missing MONEY!!! One thing he does not know is that our school would be making money as in the summer and week-ends it would turn into a solar power plant. I think that there’s  over a million schools in the U.S. and to me I think all these schools or some could power a lot without even having to built an costly power plant. So if you could help our school or other schools become green please can you help me and my dream of seeing more green sources of energy being made than coal power plants and nuclear energy. So if you can do anything to help me please e-mail me back. Thanks and God Bless. Please help my school because I have email lots of companies, people in congress in South Carolina and Washington, and the president and they all say the same thing some please can you help!!! Also our school is trying to become a green school by improve our recycling, unplugging plugs that are not in use, then I’m try to get the solar panels on top of the roof, so if you can help me with sponsoring us, help us fund for solar panels, led us supplies, money, or even a solar panel that can barely power a light bulb I’ll be very grateful. Please if you can help but I’m tried of getting advice which I probably have enough to go around the moon and back, so just please tell me that you can really help me.