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The founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, is angry. Like Bruce Banner-turning-into-Hulk angry. Apparently, he’s in a huff over the network’s reports on climate change and and claims ‘they’re telling us what to think.” He does have a point. Just last week, I heard a report that it was going to rain here and I took an umbrella with me to work. A classic example of the Weather Channel coercive ways. But seriously, this guy’s got a beef and let it be known at a skeptics conference on Global Warming in New York City yesterday. Here’s a great quote:

“[I] have a feeling this is the opening,” Coleman said. “If the lawyers will take the case – sue the people who sell carbon credits. That includes Al Gore. That lawsuit would get so much publicity, so much media attention. And as the experts went to the media stand to testify, I feel like that could become the vehicle to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

Yawn. What a beautiful waste of time. Just like this conference, skeptics continue to throw everything in the book at denying climate change. The Heartland Institute — which organized this gathering — invited a circle-jerk of “conspiracy theorists, industry parrots, puzzle-makers, scientists for hire and those who just can’t let go of their flat-earth ways.” Coleman’s idea what we should sue the carbon credit industry — and those associated with it — is just another example of how far this crowd is willing to go to draw attention to their lunacy. Skepticism is a true force in keeping science on its toes, but these groups aren’t brining much to the table to make the world think otherwise. Oh well, they’re always good for a laugh — or better yet, as DeSmogBlog pointed out, a yawn.

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  • Jeff

    This site and this article is a joke.

  • Paul B. Cox

    John Cloeman is right. AL Gore and the rest of the Global Warming alarmist are frauds.

  • George Reisman, Ph.D.


    Here’s the essential common core of hatred and destruction in the doctrines of Communism, Nazism, and Environmentalism. Only the concretes differ, not the fundamental principle of hatred for human life and happiness.

    Communism: The pursuit of individual self-interest causes monopolies, depressions, and exploitation of workers by capitalists. It must be replaced by self-sacrifice for the benefit of the working class and the Socialist State. Capitalists and landowners must be exterminated for the benefit of the proletariat.

    Nazism: The pursuit of individual self-interest causes racial impurity, national decline, and exploitation of German workers by Jewish capitalists. It must be replaced by self-sacrifice for the good of the Aryan master race and the National Socialist State. Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs must be exterminated for the benefit of the German Nation.

    Environmentalism: The pursuit of individual self-interest causes global warming, acid rain, and ozone depletion. It must be replaced by self-sacrifice for the good of other species—our “fellow biota”—and for the good of the planet, under the auspices of international treaties and a nascent Global Socialist State: the UN. Most of the human race must be exterminated for the benefit of exploited species and the planet. (This is what the environmentalist “extremists” already openly say. The “moderates” merely want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent and thereby reduce the American standard of living to that of a third world country, with a third world country’s infant mortality and life expectancy.)

  • James

    Wow, the above comment pretty much sums up why people laugh at crazy skeptics. This guy has a Ph.D.? They must be giving those things away these days…

  • Donna

    we want to exterminate most of the species, yet also reduce the american standard of living to third world status, so the americans get to stay? i think they should be the first to go. please stop washing your brain, its a terrible waste of water.

  • treebunny

    you the article writer–what are your credentials for calling people who are your betters crazy? what are your areas and degrees that demonstrate your expertise in this area? or do you just have a lazy ass opinion because as in junior high you don’t want to be ‘unpopular’ so you need to align yourself with the most popular loud mouths around. al gore is aself interested multi millionaire fat cat who has no educational jurisdictional or moral knowledge in this arena other that he has situated himself to make a profit from government subsidies which is what kyoto represents. look at the big ass corperations who are backing kyoto. raise your eyebrows once in while idiot!

  • greg

    Why not sue? Insurance companies, and city building codes are making us pay more based on the Global Warming theory.

    We pay tons of our money in taxes supporting Global Warming organizations, and research. For what?

    In 1998, Al Gore said within 10 years our climate will see dramatic change. Ice Caps will melt and take away our coastlines, Fierce Hurricanes will destroy Miami, New York City, and Houston. Mild Winters will create major droughts in parts of the Midwest.

    Last I checked, the coastal cities are still here. The last two years were the lowest Hurricanes on record. Snowcover in the Midwest is at its highest levels since 1966. It recently snowed in Baghdad, and parts of South Africa. Maybe ask people in Brazil if Global Warming exists. Parts of Brazil’s rain forests FROZE and killed several hundred people. China and Russia are seeing one of the coldest Winters on record. True the Pacific Ocean Waters have warmed 1/2 of a degree in the past 70 years.. BUT this year the average pacific ocean temperature has cooled 3 degrees in the past 6 months. Glaciers have thawed in parts of Greenland and actually grown vegetation.. BUT.. THE Glacier has came back in and in only 6 months.

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  • JMS

    We need an official Inquiry into the science of global warming. Despite all the zealots screaming that its a waste of time. Before we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on lib/left political relevance lets spend a few million on a good look at whats going on.

  • mba

    Al Gore was invited to this event as were Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Gavin Schmidt, three of the biggest proponents of the global warming hoax. All were even offered their normal speaking fee(Al Gore’s is $200,000!). All refused to show up. Why not show up and back up all your claims with your “science” to prove global warming? Because it doesn’t exist.

    Global Warming is just the belief system for people who don’t want to believe in God to believe in something larger than themselves.

    Besides, I believe it was the June 24, 1974 issue of Time Magazine that contained the story warning us of the dangers of Global Cooling! My how we’ve changed in 34 years!

    Make no mistake, global warming IS an elaborate hoax, but those who push it’s goal is not a greener America, it’s the Carbon Tax. It’s just another way to punish unequal prosperity. It’s the reason I never want to become a multi-millionaire, I’d get taxed to death by the Democraticly controlled government. Where’s the incentive?

  • earth

    Why not show up? Because the global warming is a hoax crowd are a bunch of RW losers.

  • Jen

    Don’t you just love how (and this applies to ALL matters) when liberals don’t have a response to an intelligent inquiry, they just start yelling, “Loser! Crazy!”… When did this country become one big playground at recess?

  • Reg

    I might not be the smartest but if you fill you cup with ice and then add water when the ice melts the water doesn’t overflow the cup. Wouldn’t the same concept apply if the ice caps melt? The water wouldn’t flood the city. Maybe I should have gone to college.

  • CJ

    Exactly Jen. Hey earth, are you saying we shouldn’t look at the argument from both sides of the picture? Are we just to believe because Al Gore made a case for it in a movie? Based on that logic, I bet you think the Ark of the Covenant is in a wharehouse being looked at by “top men” too, right?!

    Remember, general term changed from “global warming” to “climate change” as the global warming argument couldn’t be sustained. Science has clarly shown that changes have been occuring and that is difficult to debate against. The real issue is what is causing the changes. is it human CO2, natural Earth cycles or solar activity (which has been a way up over the last 20 years) or a combination of these and other items. This is still a legitimate debate that needs to be done with ALL of the science. To say otherwise makes you lose any credibility as now you are part of the “LW blind followers” which is polar opposite to “RW losers”. Either place is intellectually fraught with peril.

  • Bruce

    As the hoax of global warming becomes ever more apparent, people such as Reverend Al will make up a new crises, so that they are not forced to work for a (luxuriant) living. And saps such as this website will make it possible.

  • Fern

    “It’s the reason I never want to become a multi-millionaire, I’d get taxed to death by the Democraticly controlled government.”

    Yea, ok.

    If given the option, I think I’ll take my chances while you stay up all night thinking we’re going to “revert to a third world economy”, live in hobbit holes, and all suffer horribly under a carbon tax.

    Give me a break — all these idiots making this issue a partisan one (liberals eek! left vs. right) are missing the big picture. For our sake, I hope Global Warming turns out to be a massive mistake. The consequences are so great that we would be wise to invest resources in renewable sources of energy, green building, and sustainability. If this all turns out not to be true, we’ll still be left with a better world than the one we have now.

    The rest of you worried about a democratically-controlled government have obviously been living in a cave the past seven years with a Republican-controlled government that’s done more to hurt civil liberties and subvert the constitution than any other administration before it.

    So bring on the threat of global warming — true or not, it has gotten us thinking more about our relationship with the planet and how our impact drastically alters all around us. A beautiful wake-up call that may just save the asses of generations yet to come.

  • TitanGreens

    Wow, the climate skeptics are out tonight! Hate Al Gore if you want…but don’t hate the facts.
    Check out this video from the “Climate Change Conference” — it’s funny, informative, and um, afterwards, you can deny the believers or believe the deniers.
    But don’t ignore the planet just because you have a big oil company in your back pocket.


  • Just Curious….

    You people don’t all vote… you?

  • J.D.

    The article above is disingenuous.

    The skepticism is directed at two things:

    1) Humans are the cause of Global Warming.
    2) Humans can reduce Global Warming by reducing the production of greenhouse gases.

    On the first point, there is little evidence that humans are causing Global Warming. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a belief that is accepted on faith, not fact. Our understanding of climate change on our planet is not even in its infancy yet. Atmospheric science – chemistry and physics are poorly understood fields. The thermodynamics of the atmospheric system are complex, and when you mix in the varied chemistry, infinite variables, any statement that pins global warming squarely on human activity is a statement of belief rather than one of fact.

    Whether or not humans are causing global warming, our ability to reduce global warming by reducing our production of greenhouse gases is nil. Technology has progressed to the point that industrialization around the world is inevitable. Reducing our activity, the variety and degree of innovations will only hamper our ability to deal with climate change when it occurs. Research should be directed at methods for coping with climate change when it occurs. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about global warming or global cooling. If history serves me right, both have occurred in the past, and our current norm is not normal for our planet. One century of measurements doesn’t trump archeological and geological evidence that the world has been colder and warmer than it is today, and all that without human pollution.

    My opinion is that instead of cutting back we should blast full steam ahead and develop nuclear power technologies, cleaner processing and manufacturing techniques. That we should look at the engineering challenges of protecting our urban areas from the inevitable climate change that occurs just because our planet is a dynamic system in which the current norm is only a transition between the previous norm and the next. The Middle East used to be a lush, tropical environment. The Sahara wasn’t always a desert. The ocean covered large parts of all the continents at some point. Rivers ran where now it rarely rains. It rains now where deserts once were. Climate change is a natural process of our planet. Either we continue this madness of blaming ourselves, or we get with the program and plan for the eventual change that will happen regardless of what we do. Either we start planning to move our urban areas away from the coasts, or we start building levees, I don’t really care, but if we’re going to spend billions of dollars doing something, let’s start with things that will work, rather than some vague idea that buying carbon credits will somehow buy us a pass, because I’ve got news for you… Carbon credits are a fraud.

  • Libertarian 12

    “The rest of you worried about a democratically-controlled government have obviously been living in a cave the past seven years with a Republican-controlled government that’s done more to hurt civil liberties and subvert the constitution than any other administration before it.”

    Sorry, but FDR used the Constitution for toilet paper many years ago and no one has respected it since.

    Reading thru these comments, all I notice is the same thing I hear between all skeptics and supporters of global warming (oops, climate change – since 2007 was the coolest year in a long while and we are in a 10 year cooling trend, we are probably about to revert to the 70’s “global cooling” so Al Gore can stay relevant and in a job) the skeptics offer all the facts and scientific evidence while the supporters treat it like a religion – “you better believe or you are going to BURN!!”
    Living in western New York, I know all about the REAL dangers of environmental devastation. The remnants of the Manhattan Project and the industry that fueled WWII are buried all around this area and continue to make large areas of land unlivable – not to mention the incredibly high rates of cancer and other diseases.
    If you want to sit back and make yourself feel good watching Gore’s propaganda and driving your prius (what are you going to do with that mercury laden battery when you are done with it?) go ahead. But if you want to actually make a real difference, get the government to fund the Superfund programs – or better yet, get a hazmat suit and a shovel.

  • mateo

    went to bed -earth cooled. got up-earth warmed. climate change; oh nooooooooooooo. one minute ago-climate change, two minutes ago- climate change, two minutes from now- climate change. stop the scare mongering and if you believe you are causing G.W. then just kill yourself.

  • Robin Kaiser

    Global warming is a political term for the negative effects of man on his environment, the bottom line is man DOES pollute, I dont care if its 150 degrees or -40, you must have clean air and water. Do you sceptics argue there is no pollution? perhaps these treaties and agreements have shortcomings but a start is a start. Fix the shortcomings but not the principal. If you didnt have to take credit for it would you be more apt to try to curb the problem?

  • Libertarian 12

    That was my point. Do some research and put your efforts where they will count. Climate change is a hoax and a diversion. My biggest problem with the scam is the messenger. Al Gore whores himself out for publicity and disgraceful speaking fees while flying around in private jets and living in sprawling mansions. Why not make Jeffrey Dahmer the spokesman for vegetarianism?

  • Pete

    Sign me up! Global warming is a fraud, and fraud is illegal. I just wish that people who buy into such crap would just realize that honesty doesn’t mean anyone is trying to kill your kitten. Get out of your car in NY and take a deep breath, now go to any other country and do the same in one of their cities. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM! America has done great things to keep our environment clean. Places like Mexico China and India do not even require catalytic converters on their cars. There are many easy available environmental fixes that can be acheieved in foreign nations. So maybe the extremists could get some plane tickets and go do something real and important somewhere else. But please stop using your paranoia to perpetrate fraud on America

  • Joe C, Phx, Az

    Global warming? They blame everything on this “scheme”. Come to Arizona, where I froze my butt off this winter and last. It got down to 15 deg F here last winter and 18 deg F this winter. I thought I would be tanning by the pool by now. What’s up with that Mr Gore? Put my carbon credits on my Visa

  • Robin Kaiser

    Libertarian 12 where do you get your info?
    2007 Was Tied As Earth’s Second Warmest Year, ScienceDaily (Jan. 17, 2008)but disregard those darn “scientists”. They don’t know nothin. They came up with the junk science that cancer causes cigarettes.

    My dad died of cancer while they were trying to disprove that theory.

    Ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure. Hopefully we wont NEED to disprove this one.

  • Self Thinker

    Lemme see….. we had 2 miles of Ice in Manhattan 30,000 years ago, glaciers in Albany NY 8,000 years ago, glaciers in New York State 6,000 years ago.

    Now, MAN comes across the land bridge formed by all this glacial activity, and did what ? start a camp fire to alter the climate of the entire planet ?

    So, the planet has been warming up for the last 30,000 plus years, but all that is nothing, only the last 100 count for anything ?

    Why not ask Al Gore what he gets out of this !

    How about controlling the global carbon tax !

    Al Gore had 8 years as VP to actually do something. Alas, he foisted a fraud on us. he took the single largest land deal from the US Government in the private sector to DRILL FOR OIL.

    He took the seventh largest oil field in the continental United States, Elk Hills for himself. That makes him the largest OIL MAN ever to have held office.

    Smart man, billionaire by now. Collects money for the film, (which as already been proven to be a fraud) and paid money by fools who pay him for carbon offsets.

    The LawSuit will lay all the cards on the table and allow the GW faithful to get a dose of reality.

    Alas, he had 8 years to make a difference in the US government and all his life to eco his own house. Seems he knows how to make a profit on your fears.


  • Tomm Jones

    Yes, George Reisman has a PhD… in ECONOMICS. His opinions on global warming would be worthless, but I have great doubt that the 70 y/o Reisman is sitting around trolling the internet looking for articles — on global warming or anything — to laughably attempt to fecally-smear with such oxymorons as something being Nazism and Communism, belief-systems which are at opposing ends of the spectrum, not to mention that his definitions of each are wrong as well as racist. That being said, anybody can get a PhD. It means you’ve completed a certainly level of study (in a particular field) successfully; it doesn’t neccessarily mean you’re intelligent.

    Have some fun and go to Reisman’s website or blog and contact him about whether he’s the author of that post. Then we can all have a good laugh at who actually does get sued for fraud.

    Now as to Coleman, he’s much the same as our little pretend Reisman. Note for first that he says somebody should sue Gore et al for fraud, not that he’s saying he’s going to pony up the money and do it himself, certainly because he knows that it wouldn’t go anywhere and he’d be laughed at even harder than he is now for suggesting. Part of that reason is that he acknowledges global warming exists, he just says it’s part of a natural occurance, cyclical patterns. Okay, well, disease is a natural occurance, as is drought, and periods of mass extinction; should those things be ignored as well, because it’s “not my fault”?

    Liberal herbivorous dinosaur: “OMG! Rex! Look at that huge rock in the sky! We should take some sort of action before it hits us!”

    Conservative carnivorous dinosaur: “You gawddammed CommuNazinviromentalist alarmist fraud! That’s nothing to worry about; none of us put it there. It’s completely natural.”

  • Tomm Jones

    Oh, and don’t miss the the fact that Coleman admits it should be done to “get so much publicity, so much media attention.” Isn’t that just what he accuses the “alarmists” of doing, the same way he’s telling people what to think that global warming is a non-issue?? What’s next — suing people who sell recycled products? High fuel-efficiency cars? Again, who’s really telling whom what to think/do? Ah, pathological ego defense mechanism projection, thy name is conservative. Nobody’s being forced to get carbon credits, they’re simply offered; that’s the free-market.

  • Robin Kaiser

    Still, the terms used are the political terms for our effect on the environment,Embedded into our minds as political terms by Al Gore and even his counterpart George, so they can find ways to scam assholes like you and me. Thats their bus, they are political corporate bastards. They really dont care if the air is dirty, or if your water is unclean, most freshwater fish in lake erie are only reccomended to be consumed once a month or less to be safe. Maybe cant breathe at the Olympics this year.
    All of this is well and fine why dont we just overpoliticize aids, cancer and everyfnthing else and just lay down and die.
    Stick your mouth on a tailpipe and multiply by 200 million, I suppose it just dissolves.

  • Libertarian 12

    It depends on whose data you look at. NASA said it was the second hottest while their British counterparts said it was the coldest this century and RSS MSU says the same (and apparently they are supported by NASA). Either way, all the curves show that the temps have gone flat since the 90’s and slightly down since 98. And where are al those hurricanes that we were promised for Florida? Apparently the last two years were actually much milder than the historic norm and nowhere near the panic levels that Al was whipping up after Katrina. The simple facts are that no one knows and all the predictions have been way off. This is just a scam so Al can fly around the world making millions and living in big fancy houses. If I had a cause that I truly believed in, I wouldn’t charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to talk about it. So much energy is being diverted to try to control something we have NO control over that we are doing nothing about the things we can fix – like cleaning up our waterways.


    You couldn’t be more correct in your analogy about the dinosaurs:

    Liberal herbivorous dinosaur – too stupid to realize that he is powerless against the giant rock dies while debating whose fault it is and trying in vein to stop it.

    Conservative carnivorous dinosaur – too self centered to care dies while going about his business.

    But you forgot about the third group of dinosaurs that say: “We are pretty much powerless to alter nature (ie. the giant rock hurtling thru space at us – or in our case, the FACT that the earth has warmed and cooled drastically on its own for billions of years). The logical outcome of the impact will be: ‘X’. Maybe we should try moving towards the equator, stock up on food and try to wait it out in the safety of a cave.” – he still dies of course, but at least he tried something that he can actually have an effect on.

  • Libertarian 12

    Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention; I found a small tear in the time/space continuum in my basement. I am convinced by some of my testing that a massive coating of Platinum can seal it up. Please send as much as you can afford to me. If you donate $200,000.00 to my “keep us in 3-d” fund, I will send you some charts and data.

    It may be nothing, but do you really want to take that chance?

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  • JMS

    I live in Toronto Canada and in the last 20 years Ive watched a mid sized clean polite city turn into a massive dirty congested mess that spans about 100 square miles. Liberalism multiculturalism have done more to destroy the enviroment than my tail pipe ever will. Liberals YOUR politics run counter to your goals…Unfit to lead.

  • JMS

    So lets all switch to fluorescent bulbs so we can pack in another million Chinese or Indian familys into Canada. How many fluorescent bulbs to offset a family of 5. This War cant be won and resourses should not be squandered on useless left wing political relevance.
    Lets take honest stock of what/who we are, work with what we have towards a bright future for all…enviroment included. Stop running in two directions at once, take off the horse blinders and loose the idiots with the Megaphones and we can (left and right) work together for OUR future.

  • Scott

    Manmade Global warming is the biggest scam since Y2k. Maybe even the Ozone scam. Then of course there’s the Jewish Conspiracy scam, the AIDs scam, the 911 Conspiracy scam, and legions of lesser scams, including the “New Ice Age” scam.

    The funny thing is that the same people who smugly laughed at the skeptics in those cases are smugly laughing now too, and when hegemonic opinion finally realizes (as it is to beginning to now) that this is a nonsensical redistribution scam, the smug folks won’t blink an eye…they’ll just smugly pretend they knew it all along.

  • Susan Case

    We sure had fun in the 9 inches of snow to hit Texas. Would you like to see how much fun Texans had with sleds, snowmen and snowballs? I have pictures. Oh, Boy, that sure was some warming.

  • Corey Johnson

    Ummm….I’m no expert on the subject, but I have a hard time understanding how people can deny global warming as glaciers that have been here for thousands of years melt. I mean, fine, if you don’t believe in global warming, I’m willing to consider the possibility it is a hoax, but I would like some logical explanation for the glaciers melting.

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  • Ernest Crawdad

    Global warming is due to solar activity not human actions. Don’t mean to burst everyones bubble, very sorry. More power to Mr. Gore for tricking all of you into watching his movie and awarding him the Nobel prize.

  • Steven weber

    Anyone who believes in the Global Warming hoax,, I have some swamp land here in Arizona I want to sell you.

    1st off, we haven’t been keeping records long enough to verify any significant changes. Core samples don’t count, as the Science behind them is still in the learning mode. Besides, these are the same people who can’t tell you if it’s going to rain tomorrow.

    2nd, 40 years ago when I was still in Elementary School, they were trying to scare us into thinking we were heading for the next Ice-Age. What happened to that theory? What caused the abrupt turn around? Or did I miss the Ice-Age during my party years of the late 60′ and early 70’s?

    3rd and foremost, about 10 years ago, one of the largest Solar Flares ever recorded occurred. I forget how many millions of miles into space it went. I do remember though at the time, they were reporting, had Mercury been at the wrong place it would now be a cinderblock. Where did ALL that heat go?

    Think maybe it might just still be drifting around our Solar System and that might explain the .01% increase in Global temperatures in the last 100 years….

    I’d like to finish this off with the word Morons,,, but I don’t want to insult the mentally challenged..

    so Sheeple, or better yet,Global Lemmings, will have to suffice.

  • Scott

    What retard wrote this article? Have they been living in a cave for the last 6 months. Coldest winter on record,it must be caused by all the carbon dioxide blocking the sun light.

  • David

    Ok Corey. How bout this…90% of the worlds glaciers are actually growing. check out Ice is growing at large rates, we are experiencing a cold winter, weather records are being set all around the globe. Millions of people are starving in China due to blizzards, and id snowed in Baghdad for the first time in recorded history. Where’s Al Gore? Hibernating in his energy eating 20 room house waiting for summer to get here so he can jump back on his soapbox.

    I will never pay a carbon tax to anyone, ever. Giving money to someone will not offset any carbon dioxide output. The only thing that changes is you get poorer and they get richer. Carbon dioxide isnt even a pollutant. Do i need to pay a carbon tax for exhaling? Seriously what is wrong with these greenies. CO2 makes up 2% of the greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, of that 2% of CO2 in our atmosphere man’s contribution is 1/10 of 1%. Water vapor makes up the majority of our atmosphere why arent we paying a water vaopr tax?

  • michael

    Amazing how many scientists are in on this “conspiracy theory”.

  • Libertarian 12

    WOW!! And I thought the world had always warmed and cooled on it’s own. Where do you suppose the dinosaurs hid their SUV’s? I hope they find them soon so all the disbelieving heretics have to eat their words.
    I am issuing a call to all liberals to put their money where their mouth is. If we must reduce our CO2 emissions to 0, Liberals should give a show of good faith and stop breathing immediately!

  • Wayne

    I say go for it because he is not telling the truth any way and we all know it if we do any looking on the net at all! It is caused by h a a r p s and c e m r t a i l s . I hope this time you let this post and not say I am cursing lol I have never cursed in my life.

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  • Jason

    I want to by some sleep credits, does anyone know if Al has got any of those???

    Carbon credits… Whoever thought that up (if it wasn’t Al, right after his eureka moment w/ a paper clip and the internet) must have run out of swampland in Arizona to sell.

    Buy a carbon offset so he can be wasteful and fly his jet around. Great example dude.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to pay me to play an XBOX for them cuz they don’t have the time to or whatever, holla at me. I’ve sell in bulk, great rates!!

  • Lefty Schwartz

    Seems like the Flat Earth Society is still alive and well and taking drugs supplied in the Koolaid doled out by Glen Beck & RU$H Limbaugh…what is it Oxycontin or Fentanyl? We could be up to our necks in water and these supporters of Exxon-Mobil and CEI would still be denying global warming exists…THAT is why they would continue to pay $3 dollars a gallon for fuel to countries that openly give this money to extremists in funds to keep attacking this nation aka 9/11…RU$H Limbaugh says WE can’t innovate our way out of it and I say BULL! So let’s let McCaine attack Iran with nukes and end it all now! Why wait? For Islamist Extremists to fly over here on OUR planes to KILL us? All Coleman is ‘mad’ about is he didn’t CASH in on ‘global warming’ when it first came to light! You can’t ALL deny it forever just because you HATE Al Gore! By the WAY…Al looooves chocolate! Maybe you should storm Hershey’s plant in PA and shut them down for making that chocolate just because you HATE Al Gore! Hypocrites!

  • Lynn Lane

    For the person who wanted to know why the glaciers are melting, I can’t believe you have such a short term view.

    If glaciers hadn’t melted the US would still be in an ice age.

    In fact, I bet some people in the north would like to go from -50 to a steamy -48.

  • Jimmy John

    The fact of the matter is no one knows why the earth is warming up. However, we do know two things. One, human kind pollutes and destroys the earth every minute of everyday and second that the earth goes through natural warming and cooling cycles all the time.
    In fact, the earth is due to get warm because of the wobble in the earth’s axis which is now moving a 1/2 closer to the sun causing the earth to get warmer.
    the end.

  • Jimmy John

    Thats supposed to be a 1/2 degree.

  • Mark

    How stupid can people be, have we forgotten “Y2K”, and the Al Gore’s of the “Y2K” fiasco? To the people out there who are looking for a new “Y2K” grab on and hold tight “global worming” is for you. Just remember in the end your name will be added along with Al Gore to the stupidity list.

    We were told daily by the “news media” and the “computer geniuses” how airplanes would be falling from the sky, the power grids would shut down, no food would be delivered to the stores causing mass starvation and water treatment plants would stop functioning.

    At the same time there was another group of people who weren’t getting any air time. It was another group of computer scientists who didn’t have an agenda, books, or stories to sell. They disagreed and were ignored. Their news didn’t sell or fill air time.

    Those of you who are old enough will remember the stupidity of the people who were making a living promoting this Y2K nonsense. Now we have people like Al Gore. And once again, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    Good for you John Coleman I hope you proceed.

  • Mark

    By the way I was wondering if one of you global warming people can tell me why the polar caps on Mars are melting?


    Or could it be those rovers we sent up there? Somehow it must be us humans

  • Libertarian 12

    “Seems like the Flat Earth Society is still alive and well and taking drugs supplied in the Koolaid doled out by Glen Beck & RU$H Limbaugh…what is it Oxycontin or Fentanyl?”

    Well, ooks like the lefties are out of ideas and proof, so let the name calling begin!

    Isn’t it more of a “flat earth” idea to deny that the world was once under ice and, without global warming, still would be? Accept the truth that the earth has always warmed and cooled and let’s fix the problems we have control over; like clean coal technology and wind and solar technologies. This would fix so many problems, but unfortunately, Al can’t find a way to cash in on this without creating hysteria!

    • doug

      why doesn’t he debate anyone?

  • warrentape

    the tide is turning on the global warming fraud…i used to believe the hype until I started thinking for myself and researched it. There is practically no media coverage of how many scientists and meteorologists have come out against the numerous lies(including the UN’s faulty computer models)…you people are being conned by faux-environmentalists.

  • GiveMeYourMoney

    The point of the suite is fraud with a secondary benefit of disproving the global warming scare. The world goes through cycles of global warming and cooling, it has been happening for centuries.

    The real issue is the whole “carbon credit” idea. To make me pay you extra money for nothing? What it says is, I really don’t care if you pollute, just give me your money if you do. I’m the bully in the schoolyard, give me your lunch money now.

    Come on, if “global warming” advocates really cared, they would not just be taxing people, they would be implementing programs to get rid of the items that create the problems and replacing them with safer alternatives.

    Waiting for Al Gore to invent solar powered cars, or at least start funding the research for such things… he’s got money for that kind of stuff.

  • Libertarian 12

    Can I get an Amen!

  • tristan

    The good Dr. is correct that there are commonalities between the extremes of Nazism, Communism and extreme environmentalism. If you read about Charlie Manson, you find that he combined all three in a single person. They are all extreme philosopies that have roots in the gnostic occult and more extreme ideas of the enlightenment. Given enough leeway, the extreme enviromentalist would dictate to us the same as Hitler and Stalin did (for our own good of course). Tristan

  • Patrick

    Wow….i think its so funny how the left liberals are so rappidly taking over this country. they truly stand for everything that is the opposite of this country. they only want us all to live in fear with their ploys like this. i really hope that this lawsuit takes off and people begin to see all the lies told by the liberal media

  • James


    Really? Is that what you really believe? Because seriously, you sound like a moron comparing environmentalism to Nazi Germany.

    Liberal this, liberal that…seriously, cry me a river. All that I hear in these comments is whining, coupled with crazy conspiracy theories, suggestions that somehow “clean coal” is good for America, and other lame ideas.

    No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

  • caroline

    There are always going to be people who are keen to exploit others ignorance/ guilt/ laziness. The carbon offset schemes may sometimes be implemented by genuine people, but on the whole it is a cynical move made by those who see a way to make money out of what should be a movement towards less consumption, not more.
    I am not holier than thou – I flew 20,000 miles last year, but I am aware that whether our actions are causing global warming or not we ARE using up all the resources at break neck speed, and we really need to change our habits for that reason, rather than the global warming reason, which is why I do what I think is right – not pressured by media or anyone else.
    All this political screaming about liberals being the new commies or whatever some of these posts are ranting about is highly irrelevant.

    I am from the UK, and we certainly DO NOT have the impression that the US is being ‘taken over’ by liberal lefties – generally speaking we see the US as pretty right wing and conservative, and of course extremely paranoid!

  • Gloria

    Mr Coleman, Go for it! I cannot stand the story telling of Al Gore & alike. I believe that scientists are the people we should listen too. After all, their bank accounts have not tripled reporting FACTS.

  • Mr. Obvious

    Ooooh! And it looks like Libertarians are ready for a ‘blood-letting’. Seems like you can’t get enough Type Oil Positive so you need to vent it on some poor Liberal pipedreamer! As long as Neil Boortz listening boobs like you still exist on the planet there doesn’t have to be a need for innovation. We would have innovated to new fuels anyway. So go catch a bus Grampa! But watch out! Breathing those diesel fumes will kill that last brain cell you had hanging on for dear life! I am a Realist and a Populist myself. I believe in cause and effects. The effects are high gas prices due to waging war in Iraq. The cause was flag waving dilettantes like yourself that like playing arm chair generals while the rest of us pay out the nose for fuel! You HAD your time to manage, 8 years, and you screwed up every second of it! It’s our turn now!

  • conservathink

    Obvious is right, Libertarian. Stop living in a plastic fantastic world! Our markets are failing, our deficits rising while the dollar drops like a stone! Meanwhile they plan more police actions in Iran while the price of gasoline may top $4 a gallon by the end of the year! GIVE UP! The more you open your mouth the more you show your ignorance! The people are sick & tired of the way things are! Face facts!

  • conservathink

    By the way, why is this Libertarian able to come here and make snide comments?

  • Will

    “denying climate change” ?!? – you are blatantly misrepresenting/spinning the true nature of the story. Coleman is NOT “denying climate change,” rather, he is challenging Gore’s hardline assertions that “Man-Made CO2″ emitions are the cause of global warming/climate change – a notion which, when you actually attempt to educate yourself, seems to hold some legitimacy and real interesting implications.

  • Joseph

    Here is a very good film explaining the science behind the opposing views on global warming I think that if you have any interest you should check this out so you have the whole story.

    Sorry I wasn’t able to embed the video but these are the URLs for each part of the video.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

  • Libertarian 12

    Mr. Obvious and Conservathink,

    Please remove your heads from your rectal cavities and read what I posted. You obviously have pre-conceived notions of what a libertarian thinks and are spewing feces accordingly. I am glad to hear that you are a populist; please stick your finger in the air and decide your opinion.

    “You HAD your time to manage, 8 years, and you screwed up every second of it! It’s our turn now!”

    You have got to be kidding me!!! You are going to try to lay Bush at my feet?!?!!?

    We have not had a voice since Jefferson.

    “By the way, why is this Libertarian able to come here and make snide comments?”

    Is it Conservathink or Nazithink? No open exchange of ideas?

    Shame on both of you for offering nothing positive to the conversation.

  • Ray

    The problem with the global warming alarmist movement is that it is perpetuated predominantly by non-scientists (like Al Gore) who rely mainly on name-calling to dispute anyone who disagrees with them instead of using actual science. Science like the fact that 97% of the atmosphere’s CO2 is naturally occurring. Or that CO2 comprises only 2 to 3% of all greenhouse gases; water vapor accounts for 95% of greenhouse gases and is almost entirely naturally occurring (so hydrogen cars are definitely not the answer since they will spew even more water vapor into the atmosphere). The science just doesn’t support the theory that CO2 has any effect on global temperatures.

    So go ahead – call me names. It will do nothing to dispute the science.

  • Franko

    I will be paying more for gasoline, because the politicians were misled.
    Both Al Gore and the head of the IPCC are responsible for the Carbon Tax.
    Perhaps not criminally, but financially.
    The evidence is mounting that the warming stopped in 1998.
    Argos indicates ocean temperatures are not increasing.
    Grace indicates ocean levels are not rising.
    Predictions from Solar Cycle indicate cooling trend.

  • luke

    this jerk off says that….

    ” The Heartland Institute — which organized this gathering — invited a circle-jerk of “conspiracy theorists, industry parrots, puzzle-makers, scientists for hire and those who just can’t let go of their flat-earth ways. ”

    well i’m not sure if he realized that Al Gore was offered $200,000 to attend this gathering and turned it down…i guess he is right when he says a bunch of jerk off’s….

    • doug

      Check out Al Gore’s company in England and see how much money he will make and has made from this “man made Global Warming fraud”

  • Hulio

    Here is a very good film explaining the science behind the opposing views on global warming I think that if you have any interest you should check this out so you have the whole story.

    Sorry I wasn’t able to embed the video but these are the URLs for each part of the video.
    You can watch the whole video here:
    I suggest you watch it, especially if you believe everything Al Gore says.

  • http://na tp6924

    To the writer of this column; how about instead of making a mockery of this guy, you present some facts to back up your own argument. This entire article just rips this guy and presents absolutely argument as to why he is a lunatic. Why can’t all the facts be assemble and then we make a decision? I would rather do that than take YOUR word for it. You are no better than he! He at least is attempting to quantify the issue scientifically, i.e. measuring the amount of additional carbon in the atmosphere due to fossil fuels. I have seen no rebuttal from you, instead your column just makes a joke out of this guy and contributes nothing to the issue. Please present some facts to the contrary!

    A few more questions; if temperatures trend below average for the next few years, and the global rise in temperature reverts back down toward average, will you apologize?

    If in ten or twenty years, the polar ice caps re-freeze to were they were a hundred years ago, will you apologize?

    There’s nothing wrong with analyzing the facts, but the facts first need be presented!

  • tengo-un-cerebro

    I agree with all the other intelligent people above me. I’ll start by saying I’m a GW skeptic, but not on basis of belief.

    I do not believe that man pollutes the earth: I know it. My belief is that we aren’t polluting as much as Al Gore’d-in-the-head-at-birth says we are. Last October, a British court found 11 specific scientific falsehoods in “An Inconvenient Truth”, and thus labeled it a propaganda film.

    AND THE MAN WON A NOBEL PRIZE?!?!?!?!? – I almost killed myself that day.

    I don’t believe Climate Change is not anthropogenic. I know it is not – mostly. I’m not saying we have zero impact, just very little. Moreover, we can’t (and thus shouldn’t) do anything to “fix” Climate Change. Carbon laws, and more than half the Kyoto Agreement, are the biggest ineffectual wastes of money EVER in the history of mankind. There really isn’t room for rational opinion on this matter – Kyoto and carbon laws are purely political, based only loosely on scientific fact.

    I do not believe that we should make strides to ‘clean’ our industrial tech and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. I know that we should (‘we’ being all humans, not just the western world). The extent at which we should is where belief comes into play, since there’s very little we can do to predict what the best course of action is.

    I do not believe that John Coleman has a sound basis for a lawsuit against Al Gore and his cohorts. I know it. Regardless of the science behind GW, Gore is responsible (proudly) for influencing the passage of carbon laws and such. After these laws were passed, he proceeded to set up the carbon credits market and profit hugely from it. He indoctrinated a belief and profited from exploiting the actions of others based on that belief – this is one of the definitions of fraud. My belief, however, is that he should be shot and killed immediately after he confesses his sins of irrationality. On public television. (OK maybe that’s a bit much, but you get the idea)

    This should be apparent: Al Gore (who is simply a real-world figurehead for environmentalism) is a man who deals with feelings, not logic. People who aren’t good at getting people to agree with them with charisma alone aren’t in political office.

    Some matters should be political (hot topics in the US like abortion, gay rights, economics) because the way people FEEL determines what happens – there is no concrete right or wrong answer for everyone.

    Climate Change, however (I’m capitalizing so not to offend anyone), poses questions that have concrete answers (some of them, others not) – one of them is that Climate Change is not anthropogenic, but instead very largely the product of natural cycles.

    Also, CO2 is the 3rd or 4th most important “greenhouse gas” in our atmosphere, after WATER (compare a desert to a rain forest – this is easy) and METHANE, and perhaps another but it escapes me for now. Just an FYI for you “leftards” (no offense to rational people who vote liberal).

  • Fern

    The above comment is one of the most hilarious and sad examples of skeptic stupidity I’ve ever read. Congrats.

  • tengo-un-cerebro

    There’s nothing new in the knowledge that human society has the attention span of a flea. The cliche “15 minutes of fame” comes to mind. Sci-Fi authors aplenty have criticized that attention span by claiming that we will never be able to leave our solar system – it takes too long. Somebody made the point about Y2K (intelligent people were refuting that stuff from day 0). Heck, most of us have forgotten already that a young celebrity died not to long ago – even me.

    As such there are three kinds of people: people who are oblivious to this fact (most people), people that exploit this fact (business owners/leaders, politicians, news network programmers), and people who are aware of it and despise it, but realize there’s nothing that can be done to change it (philosophers, scientists, people whose thinking is dominated by rationality rather than passion).

    Somebody pointed out the “Global Cooling Scare” of the mid 70s. Margaret Thatcher turned that one around with some legislation intended to boost nuclear plant construction in the UK. These legal actions were underlaid with conjectures that carbon dioxide – a chief product of coal combustion – is damaging to our environment.

    Personally, I think she’d have changed her exact arguments if she knew what the outcome would be – she “got the ball rolling” unknowingly on GW, just like Charlie Thompson unwittingly contributed to the current disarrayed state of the Middle East – most specifically the number guns and RPG launchers that angry Arabs have to shoot at invaders.

    I don’t look down on either of these people – their intentions were good. In fact, Al Gore may have one day been the same. He just got greedy for attention, and then money. (Don’t blame the man – he’s smarter than lots of people, but he counts on the folly of human nature to make money, and that pisses me off)

  • tengo-un-cerebro

    Fern’s comment is one of the most unoriginal and trivial examples of the thoughtless thinking (a.k.a. thinking with your heart, genital organs for some, etc.) that I’ve ever read. Congrats.

    Provide me with some facts, leftard, then I’ll consider you part of the humble, intelligent, rational, caring sector of humanity.

    Thinking with our hearts has done things like the Holocaust, the Crusades, and I can continue. Thinking with our heads has done things like putting men on the moon, making standardized electricity an easy convenience, and REALIZING THAT HUMANS AREN’T THE CENTER OF THE FLIPPING UNIVERSE, LITERALLY (then) OR METAPHORICALLY (now)

  • michael
  • Yevgeni Stepanov

    The fact is, the equations used for the models to prove man has caused a change in global climate contain numerous variables with no values.

    You can’t use guesses for equations and claim to be “scientific.”

    Likewise, science isn’t based on a “consensus by the majority.” In science things are true and can be proven with repeatable results.

    Man-made global climate change is OBSERVATION and hypothesis only. It isn’t fact and should not be treated as such.

    Even if all the politicians want pi = 22/7 it isn’t going to happen.

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  • this websites a joke

    I thought wow what a horrible article, then I saw what the website was, ha.

  • Animal lover.

    The humans are the parasites of our poor planet. I wish the Nile Virus spread and killed 99% of the human race so our animals and plants can live in peace.

    The first to go into extinction should be the Americans and the Europeans.

  • Teresa Brogden

    Actually the Prius battery does not contain mercury. The Ni-Mh battery used in Prius is much more environmental friendly. Nickel and Metal Hydride are not heavy metals or toxic.

  • Libertarian 12

    “The first to go into extinction should be the Americans and the Europeans.”

    Absolutely!!! Because the Chinese are awesome environmentalists. They are only building a few hundred new coal fired power plants this year; and I love that they breed Saint Bernards for food since they are so large. And the middle east setting fire to oil fields? Oh man I love that. How about the Japanese cutting the fins off sharks then dumping the still living bodies back in the ocean to drown? Love those guys! And don’t even get me started on the Russians – wow talk about tree huggers. Chernobyl cocktails anyone?

    Animal Lover – please stop exhaling carbon! I just felt the earth’s temperature rise 1/100000000 of a degree and my cat dropped over.

  • Spiral

    Wow i didn’t actually believe that a lot of americans think global warming doesn’t exist until i saw all these comments.
    americans must be really smart to know better than the rest of the world who accept it as fact and are wasting their time trying to save the planet.
    i’ve been brainwashed into recycling and everything. now we need to figure what the fraudsters do with all that seperated glass. oh i’ve figured it out! it’s a big terrorist plot they’re turning it in to WMDs. quick get a move on and bomb them…

  • Libertarian 12

    “americans must be really smart to know better than the rest of the world who accept it as fact and are wasting their time trying to save the planet.”

    Fact – the world always has and always will warm and cool

    Fact – All of Europe once accepted that the earth was flat; that didn’t make it so.

    Fact – I love recycling. I was just finishing separating my junk mail, newspapers, glass and plastic not ten minutes ago.

  • Joe

    Some really smart people don’t believe in global warming. Other really smart people do. Mr. Coleman isn’t in either camp.

    Mr. Coleman equates global warming with climate change (see page 2 “Global Warming i.e. Climate Change”) and attempts to debunk both with his position paper. They aren’t the same. Global warming is one theory (yes, I believe the verdict is still out, but that drastic change is a real possibility) of the outcome of Climate Change. Mr. Coleman ignorantly states that they are the same.

    Even his source for primary authority, which he points to ad naseum in his “briefs”, completely disagrees with him on this point. In fact, expressly states: “We worry the sole focus on greenhouse gases and the unwise reliance on imperfect climate models while ignoring real data may leave civilization unprepared for a sudden climate shift that history tells us will occur again, very possibly soon. ”

    I love how Mr. Coleman state’s that he has “studied” the issue. He’s a weatherman, not a climatologist. Even if he does have advanced training in meteorology (I can’t find any info about his educational background, but I’m sure he’d tout it, if it helped him), to suggest, as he does expressly, that meteorology is the study of climate change (on page 2 of his position paper) demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding (or blatant misrepresentation) of the disciplines.

    By definition, Meteorology is the study of weather process and forecasting over the short term. Climatology is the study of climate over the long-term. His piece is intellectually dishonest and it discredits his whole position.

    Sure, meteorologist have something to say about the issues. They can be smart people who can contribute to the process. Yet, Mr. Coleman denigrates Meteorologists with PhDs (page 2) as likely single-minded. Apparently, only meteorologists who are weather forecasters and agree with Mr. Coleman’s views are truly capable of telling us what’s what regarding long-term climate change.

    Another glaring example of his intellectual dishonesty is the statement “CO2 is not a pollutant” on page 7 and 9. Mr. Coleman intimates that it is not a pollutant simply because CO2 occurs naturally in the environment. Mr. Coleman argues that CO2 is also not a pollutant b/c plants need it to grow, and plants do better when they have more. He undermines his credibility by making such simplistic and ridiculous statements such as this.

    The American Heritage Science Dictionary defines “pollutant” as “A substance or condition that contaminates air, water, or soil. Pollutants can be artificial substances, such as pesticides and PCBs, or naturally occurring substances, such as oil or carbon dioxide, that occur in harmful concentrations in a given environment…”. In my environmental studies education, I learned the definition a little more bluntly: shit can be good and it can be bad. It just depends on what you do with it, how you do what you do with it, and when you do it.

    Understanding these issues is not the sole domain of scientists. Yet, to be arrogant, if not dishonest, about your authority and understanding of the issues is to undermine the credibility of your position. And you open yourself up to being ignored and discredited as Mr. Coleman surely should be.

    I’ll listen to opposing views, but don’t insult my intelligence by parading out a T.V. Weatherman who has the chutzpah to suggest he is among the intellectual elite, by simply equating a career in meteorology with the discipline of climatology; who thinks that nothing that occurs naturally can be a pollutant; and who believes that climate change and global warming are equivalent and neither are real (despite his own primary source authority expressely disagreeing with him).

    Moreover, most everybody excepts the “precautionary principle” as applied in the medical profession. Would’t it be wise to adopt the same principle when environmental health is at stake? I truly hope Mr. Coleman can flash those pearly whites and say “I told you so.” The stakes are too high for him to be wrong on the ultimate issue and for us to not have acted to address the threat.

    The tragic truth about all of this, is we won’t know who was “right” and who was “wrong” until it is likely to late to avoid much of the impacts. I suggest we proceed to understand as much as we can and act in accordance with the precautionary principle. We can start by first making sure we put Mr. Coleman’s 40 pages of “briefs” in the proper place, the recycling bin.

  • Libertarian 12

    “Moreover, most everybody excepts the “precautionary principle” as applied in the medical profession. Would’t it be wise to adopt the same principle when environmental health is at stake?”

    Very true. Every American could benefit from setting aside a bit of arrogance and conserving a bit. I just ditched my sedan for a compact with a 5 speed and almost doubled my highway miles/gallon. I stopped buying bottled water and all the other simple crap that anyone can do to help with cleaner air and oceans without decimating their way of life.
    The problem I have with the elitists is that they are getting rich by pushing lies, inaccuracies and fear. They promised us that Florida would be under water after the worst hurricane seasons ever in 2006 and 2007! Well???? As far as I know, they were some of the mildest. The truth is they just don’t know and they are not just saying “live a little more sustainably”, they are talking about destroying our economy while doing nothing about China, India and the middle east. What good is that going to do? Tank the dollar and throw us into a worldwide recession where large areas of the world starve?
    You only hear about the Arctic ice receding and not about the ice in the Antarctic increasing. Could it be that like Mars, our northern hemisphere is tipping closer to the sun? Admittedly, I am not a Climatologist, Astronomer or even a Meteorologist but I can see that when my doctor is telling me that cutting whiskey out of my life will help me live longer and healthier; then he drains a full glass of Jack Daniels and pours himself another, maybe this guy has another agenda.

  • d phoenix

    well, what about this? the semi goes by, the smoke gets too close to you and you cough. you stand on the cliffs near lake erie and you see the beautiful GREEN water down below. two of the countless examples of the destruction of the environment. and you people say that there is no such thing as global warming. who cares if its real or fake. look at what is being done on its behalf. both sides. i will allow you all to argue the negative of this, but are you really implying that its all bad? what, we dont need a more efficient fuel source? wait, we dont need to clean our water supply?

  • d phoenix

    i say let the politicians argue about the reality of the issue, and let us continue to move foreward our efforts to cut out the oil companies by reducing the demand by creating our cheaper, eco friendly vehicles. watch government spending and prevent the best way we can their spending more money on themselves than the country they are supposed to represent. quit getting caught in the back and forth, its just a distraction. to keep you talking while they manipulate things behind the curtain, and im sorry friends, but is our curtain big enough to do the same in return?

  • whatever

    gore leaves a lot to be desired and this site is a joke. here’s something you’ll hate. i just bought a new suburban and love it. do i need it? no, but it does come in handy sometimes. how’s my gas mileage? terrible. why would i buy such a big suv? ’cause I wanted it and i can afford it after years of struggling to get where i’m at. i have a tv in every bedroom too and sometimes they’re all on at the same time. i like to leave the lights on and never use flourescent bulbs. i keep the house at 68 in the summer and 74 in the winter. i’ll continue living like this regardless. green technology is great and i’d love to see it, but don’t ask me to change my habits because i never will

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