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Ok, I’m totally confused! Reese Witherspoon has been nominated (I believe on more than one occasion) for PETA’s World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Award and Jake Gyllenhaal is casually known in the vegetarian world as perhaps, probably a Veg Head. So what the hell is this about?, a friend of Ecorazzi and a popular online gossip site, is reporting that yesterday Reese and Jake enjoyed a meal at Prune restaurant in New York City and: The couple dined and laughed with four friends and even shared a steak for two! They “were really cute,” adds the source. “They were really sweet together and they looked really in love.”

Hold up! Stop the car! Halt the train! Freeze the beat! A STEAK FOR TWO? WTF! True, this could just be gossip, but a quick trip to Prune’s less than vegetarian menu leaves me less than optimistic.  Say it ain’t so Gyllenspoon…SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

  • Dina

    get a grip. I have been a Gyllenhaalic for two years, and I’ve never heard a little word about Jake being vegetarian. In your dreams!

  • Riikka

    Reese is definitely not a vegetarian. I have no idea where PETA got that idea from.

  • animalfriend

    i think that both actors are so-called semi-vegetarians, in other words – not strict vegetarians but more veg than meat eaters!

  • Sabrina

    I think you’re thinking of Alicia Silverstone, not Reese Witherspoon. I have never heard of neither Reese nor Jake Gyllenhaal being vegetarian.

  • parrish

    Sabrina- Click on the link that says “nominated” and you’ll see the People magazine issue that announces Reese and others being nominated for PETA’s World Sexiest Vegetarian Award.

  • Mz Jaxin

    I would have never though Jake was a vegetarian! I have a hard time even liking him after I read a quote in a magazine from after he filmed Brokeback Mountain. He mentioned scaring the sheep on purpose and called them, if I remember correctly, stupid.

  • NS

    Mz Jaxin, think you are taking that quote out of context and a bit too seriously. Jake seems like a very good guy and I doubt he would want the sheep hurt. Also, Ang Lee said something similar about how difficult it was working with the sheep on Brokeback Mountain.

    There has been no indication that Jake is a or was a vegetarian. I don’t know about Reese, but I don’t think she was/is one either.

  • parrish

    Well apparently neither of those weirdoes are if THEY WERE SHARING A STEAK!!!

  • NS

    Um, sorry but I don’t think Jake or Reese are weirdoes. I think they are both pretty talented actors.

  • parrish

    NS- Relax, relax. I haven;t said a word about their acting ability…only about their taste in entrees.

  • Andrea

    I had a delicious mushroom “steak” at a vegetarian restaurant once. Maybe that’s what it was? Maybe, possibly?

  • Marii Magician

    maybe you were confusing Jake with Toby McGuire
    cause i do that sometimes, haha

    toby is a vegetarian
    and even said that he had to “work very hard” at buffing up without meat for his spiderman role

  • j

    Um, semi-vegetarian = omnivore. There is no such thing as a semi-vegetarian.