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martin1.jpgMuch like Soleil Moon Frye (who played Punky Brewster back in the day), Kellie Martin is one of those actresses that’s been off our radar for some time. Only now, with so much awareness over who’s doing what in terms of going green, are we getting all caught up.

You’ll probably remember Martin as being most famous for her role as Rebecca “Becca” Thatcher on the drama Life Goes On. She also had a three-year stint as med student Lucy Knight on ER. Today, beyond some successful movies on the Hallmark Channel, the 32-year-old actress is focused on family, particularly her 16-month-old daughter with husband Keith Christian. As is the trend with newborns, Martin can’t get enough of making baby Margaret’s life as green as possible. From the article,

“The 32-year-old actress counts eco-friendly Weleda and Avalon Organics baby skin care products, Can You Dig It? organic cotton clothes, Born Free bottles and sippy cups and Haba wooden toys among her favorites. Kellie tells Modern Mom that she hopes some day soon ‘everything in my daughter’s closet, crib, playroom and anything that touches her skin will be free of toxic chemicals.'”

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  • oakling

    That’s an excellent way to put it, too. I was like “why wouldn’t it all already be toxin-free?!” but then I thought of all the non-organic baby clothes, all the almost-perfect baby gifts, all the really healthy but not organic lotions and such, or the organic lotions with parabens and things, organic disposable diapers versus reusable diapers made from non-organic cotton when cotton is grown in such an intensely toxic, polluting way…. We’re getting there but it’s good to be reminded that we’re not there yet.

  • Michael

    Please check out Haba, Vilac, Le Toy Van, Kapla and other safe wooden toys at .