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A hilarious collection of mock-Prius ads have been making the rounds online and we’re smitten. Apparently, they’re the work of an art director and photographer attempting to publicize themselves. Nice job. The dicey photos feature some compromising moments followed by the witty tagline, “Well, At Least He/She Drives A Prius”. More of the ads after the fold.




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  • PiccoloSocrate

    I don’t like Prius, even if hybrid!

  • oakling

    these ads are awesome. and so true. that’s exactly people’s reaction to prius drivers :)

  • brainy blonde

    love them. inspires me to do one with mine.. a green one no less (literally and figuretively ;-)

  • Brookie

    I love good art! These are clever.

  • Joel


  • Jay

    the “green car” such irony. the factory in canada where the nickel is mined and refined for the nimh batteries for these cars had a circle around it for 50 miles where nothing will grow for 100 years because the ground is too toxic from the process.

  • btfx

    Better than a circle around the whole planet where nothing will grow for 100 years because of perpetual drought.

  • michael


    Obviously, you’re generalizing a bit too much there.

    For several excellent reasons, there’s no merit in blaming Toyota for the Sudbury nickel smelter. Among them: a smelters’s been there for more than a century, Toyota doesn’t own it or run it, Toyota’s purchases from them are a minscule fraction of Sudbury’s output (1%), all cars use nickel (in alloys such as stainless steel and elsewhere) and it’s not clear that the extra 22 lbs of nickel in the Prius NIMH batteries mean that the Prius in fact uses more nickel than (say) the average SUV.

  • kyle

    i love how the hooker one and the cheating wife one both have new york plates. especially after gov. spitzer got owned. XDDD

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  • PM

    Very funny work. The great thing is that it’s driving attention towards the technology. Electric vehicles and hybrids have such an upside for all of us.

  • dan

    btfx….. lol… you are such a lame dumbass.

  • Kathie

    Having owned a Prius for over 2 years I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. They look good, run efficiently and are environmentally friendly. I use about a third of the fuel I was using in my Camry prior to this.

    I love my prius lol!

  • baracuda68

    Just give me a hemi Charger…

  • Carmen

    The sad thing is, you could use these in magazines and they’d be actual advertisements that would draw people to buying Priuses (Priux?).

  • Jennae Petersen

    As a graphic designer, I can definitely appreciate the humor and creativity of these ads. No matter how you feel about the Prius, it is a clever concept that will draw people’s attention. I just wish I came up with the idea :o)

    Visit for eco-friendly home decor products and tips!

  • minnesota1

    clever fake ads. as a prius driver myself, i’ve never witnessed this holier than thou attitude from prius drivers. i think this idea that prius drivers are smug is a reaction from all the media coverage the vehicle has received: “oh, they think they’re so special cause they drive that car.” honestly, i sold my ’98 geo metro to buy a prius because it looks good, gets fantastic mileage, and i needed a bigger car to accomodate a growing family. i’d prefer a 100% electric, like the mitsubishi i-miev, or a think! ox (something that actually looks like a car, not a recumbent bike), but neither are on the market yet. with gas prices going through the roof I’m glad i drive a prius. i feel sorry for the heavy-duty truck drivers who are really getting socked. seems auto dealerships are practically giving their trucks and suv’s away now because nobody can afford to put gas in them.

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