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It’s been reported that Jessica Simpson will be headlining the Operation MySpace concert, taking place in Kuwait this afternoon. But is Simpson’s appearance really worth it?

According to a source close to the Simpson camp, the cost for a private plane carrying Simpson and her entourage — which includes dad Joe, hairstylist Ken Paves, her personal assistant and a stylist — from L.A to Kuwait is a whopping $150,000. Other expenses include her stylist and makeup artist- each $6,000 a day! And her hairstylist, Ken Paves- $10,000 a day! So the question is: who’s picking up the tab?

A source revealed: “This isn’t a charity show. The people around Jessica aren’t donating their time or cutting their rates as if this was Jess’s charity Operation Smile. Someone is picking up the tab, and it’s not going to be Jessica.”

It’s estimated that Jessica will only spend three hours with the troops once the concert is over and then it’s back to the plane. So considering all the fuel wasted on getting her there, the high cost of the actual appearance, and the short amount of time spent with the troops, is all of this really worth it?

What do you think Ecorazzi readers? Is Jessica doing a good deed or a good deal? Hit that comment button and tell us your thoughts!

  • Brookie

    Queen Lame strikes again!

  • Deanna

    You guys do realize that when someone holds an event they pay for the talent and their travel right? Thats a pretty common practice. Seriously, grow up and find something more worthy to bitch about.

  • parrish

    Deanna-Something tells me you have a mad wicked crush on me.

  • Allie Hampton

    I’m disgusted. But hardly surprised – she is all about herself. Even when my friends are fighting and dying over there and are happy to see ANY American, this beeotch “needs” her personal hair dresser?

    Grow up, Jessica. This world was not set up to revolve around you.

  • oakling

    i don’t think it’s worth it on ANY level. What are people getting that’s supposed to be “worth it”? A few hours of entertainment and distraction for troops who deserve to be brought back home and given support and health care and so on instead? Bah.

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  • Amber

    Deanna, actually it’s common practice that celebrity donate their talent and time towards the cause. Any cost usually is absorbed or donated, that is the common practice, and due to this being an ECO website what Simpson did was incredibly wasteful. I’m a military wife and normally celebrities go through the USO to hold shows. The celebrity doesn’t receive any proceeds, whereas Jessica Simpson will in this case.

    You are missing the point totally. This website may not be for you. ;)