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Yesterday, Ecorazzi, and various other publications, flogged Jessica Simpson for racking up a huge bill during her Operation MySpace performance and for not giving much face time to the troops. Today, Jessica’s rep is telling People that we all got it wrong!

Jessica’s rep reports that she didn’t rent a jet or stay in a fancy hotel (as previously reported), but instead, flew commercial and slept in the barracks with the troops. She also denies reports that super-stylist Ken Paves (the 10,000 dollars a day guy) accompanied Simpson, and claims that Jessica “significantly scaled back her entourage.”  Finally, in response to reports that Jessica stayed for only a couple hours, the rep said: “She’s been with the troops all day. She’s had her meals with them.”

We here at Ecorazzi are a humble crew and are perfectly able to admit fault if we’ve overstepped the green line. So, assuming all of this new information is correct, we bow before the busty Texan and kiss those famous boots that were made for walking. Jessica, can we still be friends?  

  • Becky

    I was at the promotion for her clothing line & Ken Paves was NOT with Jessica she had another guy with her as well as her parents & that was it. Jessica is a GREAT role model for young women & she DOES SUPPORT THE TROOPS & SHE SAID she slept in the bunks. I hope she likes the gift card I gave her.

  • kara

    Since Jess obviously isn’t going to reply to your blogs, I will. You people always believe all that negative things said about her since her divorce. You all watched Newlyweds. Jess was always sweet & a good person & remains so. Can’t say the same for some of her peers though. ‘Nough said.

  • parrish

    Oh Kara

  • Stephanie

    My brother is in Kuwait and he said she acted like a diva. Refusing to come meet the soldiers while the pussycat dolls were meeting them so she was not in the same camera shot. She had many demands and her first priority was certainly not the troops it was more like her time to be “seen” with the troops. He said the pussycat dolls were very sweet. I just hope Jessica was having a bad day and this isn’t how she normally is.

  • Paul

    Well to lend a first person account regarding Jessica Simpson. She did sleep in troop billet areas, she even had to walk 50 yards from her room to use the latrine. And supposedly she was sick, with a rough voice, but she did preform a couple of songs. She did fly commercial air. BUT she did act like a DIVA the whole time she was here. Yes she served chow, for 5 minutes, signed a few autographs and left the chow hall leaving hundreds of troops disappointed. She did bring 100s of glossy 8×10 but refused to personalize them, and you had to be in a inner circle to get an autograph. But in all fairness the PussyCat Dolls were standoffish and signed very few autographs and had several bruisers to escort them and shoo the regular troops away. Bottomline, Jessica was here for herself and promote herself. She and the PCD’s didn’t leave a very good impression with the troops. On the other hand Disturbed, Filter, Carlos Mensea, and Metal Senaz worked their butts off signing autographs, being available to the lowest ranking soldiers, and spending quality time while they were here. Also Myspace personnel putting on the concert were demanding and did very little to nothing for all the soldiers who busted thier butts trying to coordinate the concert. They didn’t stick around long enough after the concert to thank everyone. It was a promotional event for Tom Anderson, Myspace, Jessica, at the expense of the taxpapers. Also rumor has it, Jessica was paid a fee to appear by DOD, if thats so it is sad. Because it wasn’t for the troops.

  • The Joel

    I was one of the personal escorts for the celebrities. Not only was a worth while job but also a good time to get away from the whole Iraq war and just let loose for a bit. DJ Z-Trip, Carlos Mencia, Metal Sanaz, Disturbed and FIlter were soem of the best bands out there. What Paul said about them was true, they stuck around till everyone who wanted an autograph or a picture with them got it, we didn’t get to bed that night till about 4 am and the concert ended at 2.
    The Pussy cat dolls and Jessica Simpson were there just for the publicity. Yes it was good for them to actually come out for it, that was awesome but they only did it for publicity. Find one pic of any of them with a soldier or troop other than them serving chow at the chow hall. Which what Paul says they did for only 5 minutes. And its true I was there with Z-Trip and we couldn’t believe it. Then for the concert she was supposed to be third up but because she got something in her throat (no comment) which was true she did get sick out there and for a singer that pretty much ruins you. But she changed the whole schedule at the last minute making us run all over getting a new schedule line up. Carlos Mencia also saved her. If he wasn’t good at improv (can’t spell) she would have been done. If you can review the video again when she came out and you’ll see what I mean. The rest of the crew were equally horrible. Her sound manager decided to take over the board which is why all the mikes started to go out on us. I literally had to go in there and break up a fight between sound guys cause this old fat guy who looks alot like Whistler from Blade except fatter thought he could run it better than any body else yet he got there only 5 hours before the show…c’mon. For those two groups they were the worst. I do believe if Jessica had a chance to hang out with the troops she would have but daddicums wouldn’t allow for such nonsense, his own words. Enough ranting for me yall form your own opinion.

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