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We slobbered over Minnie. We gushed over Scarlett. And now we’re practically throwing our underwear at George Clooney.

Clooney has joined the myriad of celebrity do-gooders who are all auctioning off a little one on one bonding time on eBay. Specifically, George is looking for a date for the March 31st Los Angeles premier (and after-party) of his new film Leatherheads. All the money raised from the eBay auction will help fund programs at the Boys & Girls Club Of America.

More details to come, but for now visit the Boys & Girls Club Of America and learn about all the great things they do!


3 Responses to Win A Date With George Clooney, Help Out The Boys And Girls Club

  1. JoyceLee says:

    Tis a wonderful thing to do for our youth yes!

  2. Carin Robinson says:

    I wanted to get a group together to fund me the money to be his date.. I would show up in a monkey suit and smell my butt with the monkey hand all night and fall over…

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