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The attacks from organizations like the Competitive Energy Institute keep getting better and better.

The latest ad campaign to come from the CEI will run for two weeks on cable stations from Boston to Pittsburgh. In the video, it talks about how Al Gore’s home consumes a disproportionate amount of energy compared to the rest of Americans. Not only is this information outdated (Gore’s home now meets one of the highest standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.) but the voice-over continues to warn us against sustainable initiatives that will cripple our economy, harm babies, and force students to sit alone in classrooms. Also, apparently third-world countries will no longer have street lights installed should we continue towards a green economy.

What’s next, a proposal to sue Al Gore and everyone else for Global Warming fraud? Oh, wait…

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  • Libertarian 12

    “Not only is this information outdated (Gore’s home now meets one of the highest standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.) ”

    Yaeh, and Ellliot Spitzer has stopped seeing hookers since he got caught.

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  • michael

    Your comment makes no sense. Are you disputing the fact that Gore’s home is certified as a green dwelling?

  • Libertarian 12

    Not at all. And I believe that Spitzer has cleaned up his act too; but it took getting caught to do it. They are all hypocrites. If the clown actually believed any of the garbage he is spouting, he would never have built such a lavish home in the first place and he would avoid flying around the country (and the world) just to puff up his ego.
    If I were a rapist, could I become a hero to womens groups by volunteering at a rape crisis center. Could I donate money as a “rape credit” and be “rape neutral”?
    How is raping the planet and then planting a tree any different?

  • michael

    The important thing here is the message. Al Gore staying home isn’t going to inspire the masses. One person jetting around the world delivering that message isn’t going to tip the world over into certain doom.

    And he didn’t build a home that large, he bought it in 2002 and later added green elements to it.

  • Libertarian 12

    So he gets to live the high life while telling us to drive hybrids and use mercury bulbs?! Sorry, global warming is a business not a cause and Mr. Gore is a capitalist in green clothing; and he should be sued for fraud just like any other snake oil salesman.

  • michael

    Explain to me how you feel threatened? Does driving a hybrid impair you somehow?

    And nice try on the CFL scare-tactic. Perhaps you should do a bit more research before labeling something so childishly. (

    You’d think that we’re all suffering by subscribing to more sustainable lives. I’ve made many changes and have yet to feel “burdened”. I wonder where all this BS about that comes from?

  • Libertarian 12

    I don’t feel threatened in the least – if you want to ride a bicycle, more power to you. I will even applaud you for practicing what you preach. I feel insulted that people put Al Gore on a pedestal as some kind of hero when he is not. You should feel violated for the way he is using you. If he really wants to spread the word, why does he charge outrageous speaking fees. I speak for free when I have something to say.

    I think that plastic in the ocean, mercury and other toxins in the water (and light bulbs) is a much more important issue – and is one we can actually do something about. I don’t have as much of a problem with the message as with the messenger.

    As far as CFC’s go, if they are so safe, why are there so many steps listed even in your post as to how to clean them up: Open all windows, lower the temperature in the room, don’t use a vacuum as it will get contaminated and spread mercury containing dust throughout the home, get pets and family members out. I had one installed in my basement in an overhead light and my kids were playing under it. As kids do, they swung a toy up in the air and broke it. I think the problem of breakage is even worse when the light is on as the entire basement stunk like a dead animal. If the light is off, it probably stays contained, but on, the vapors went everywhere. Your post is the only one I have seen that even attempts to make them sound safe, but when you read thru it, it comes up way short of instilling any confidence. Sorry, but after that incident I DID do my homework. I’ll stick with bulbs that can be thrown away, or vacuumed up thanks.

  • PM

    It makes sense to make decisions based on good technology. If you have the choice of how to accomplish something, and one way makes a mess, and the other way does not, which do you choose? All other things being equal, better technology makes less of a mess, would anyone disagree?

  • michael

    I completely agree PM. Ultimately, CFL bulbs will be replaced by much more efficient and less-toxic LED bulbs. They are simply a stepping stone — however, to disregard their use because of the small amount of mercury present is to me a matter of personal preference and less an informed decision. If you’re worried about your kids breaking them, why not at least use them in areas where such accidents are no an issue?

    Coal-fired plants are the largest source of mercury emissions in the air. Using CFL bulbs as opposed to incandescent reduces the need to use as much energy. Libertarian says we need to control mercury in out water and air — this is one way to do it.

    I honestly do not at all feel used by Al Gore. I’m not even sure how that would be possible. As I mentioned before, I’ve already seen benefits to switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. Where’s the harm?

    Additionally, things mentioned above like plastic in the ocean, mercury in fish, energy, etc — they’re all tied into the message that Gore and other regularly give presentations on. Climate Change is simply an umbrella issue for all of these problems. Having Gore and Co. continue to talk about it brings awareness where there might not otherwise be. This awareness brings change and achieves the goals you mention.

  • PM

    Libertarian 12,
    What you say makes total sense, but you may be missing the point regarding the politicians. Maybe when you have something to say you speak for free, but a politician says “If I speak for free I won’t make any money!” As far as suing them it would have to be for false advertising. They’re making money doing business, and to many politicians that includes misleading people as to all kinds of facts. What’re you gonna do? Enough people still fall for this stuff for it to keep working.

  • PM

    Making wise decisions based on good information is great, you’re not being used by anybody when you do that. If everybody did that we wouldn’t have the problems we do, and technological development of these superior solutions would no longer be retarded by politicians and the people that are being used by them.

  • michael


    My whole point is that I do not feel that I’m being used by anyone. With regards to climate change/global warming, I believe everyone should read up on the topic and come to their own conclusions. No one should simply nod and follow blindly any one individual or what they say.

    Everyone is generally always out to make a buck — we all know Gore is making millions of them — but in my mind, I don’t mind how rich the guy gets because I feel the work he is doing will make the world a better place.

  • Libertarian 12


    I am also a supporter of capitalism, but how about honesty? Doesn’t it count for anything? I can’t take the hypocracy of this carbon neutral garbage. Why not just fight the fire and not feed the flames.

  • Tru

    How shameful that they are using images of the poorest people in this world just to try to make us believe that they actually care about them. Shame on them.

  • Libertarian 12

    I couldn’t agree more Tru; Mr. Gore should be ashamed.

  • JMS

    Its almost a brain disorder…The lib/left have been out of power for so long that they cling to this like a security blanket. Make no mistake if the Dems loose this next election, they and most of the rest of the world will punish us with endless fantasy island BS about the enviroment.Its kinda like work to rule because they cant stand the right running America anymore. This is why from time to time the political process is renewed with revolution…because our leaders have lost their minds or sold out to foreign interests. Open a history book guys we are not immune to this and neither are our leaders.