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Guess who was spotted yesterday rocking one of PETA’s No Fur buttons? It was none other than New York magazine’s nudie patooty herself, Lindsay Lohan. PETA’s gonna be soooooo happy!

But wait…is that a leather jacket in her hand? Oh well, baby steps are better than no steps I guess.

[CORRECTION] We’ve received word from the Humane Society that the button is in fact part of their promotional campaign. In their own words, “Lindsay picked it up at Charlotte Ronson’s (whose show we sponsored) boutique while shopping – Charlotte keeps a basket of them to give out.”


  • Jimmy D. Seaver

    Actually, the anti-fur buttons are not from PETA. They’re from the Humane Society of the United States. But the two groups are essentially clones of each other anyway.

  • Jimmy D. Seaver

    Oh … and she was photographed wearing a fur coat less than six weeks ago. See

  • Anonymous

    Damn! She is useless. And starting to look like Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Quinn

    I just love that she’s wearing leather AND this badge. I love seeing people who are visually THAT stupid. And… wait.. doesn’t she WEAR FUR? I’ve seen a million pictures of her wearing fur…. 0_o

    Wait… I know what’s going on here. She was outed as broke not long ago. Suddenly she’s anti fur because she can’t afford to wear it anymore. It’s not a cause to Lindsay, it’s a smokescreen.

    The scariest part of Lindsay Lohan is that because she has SO much random sex, you just know she’ll have a kid sooner or later. Then there will be a THIRD generation of them on the loose…

  • No Fur

    So let me get this right–if you wear leather you can’t be against any animal cruelty?

    So, none of you are against killing pitbulls after they are forced to fight, or putting kittens in a microwave, or anything else, right?

  • parrish

    Jimmy D- I’m hoping that since that picture was taken 6 six weeks ago she has “seen the light” in regards to the fur industry and that’s why she’s so proudly rocking the button.

    No Fur- I’m kind of confused about your comment, but let me answer the first part. I think you can totally be against animal cruelty and wear leather. It’s just funny to wear a no-fur button while carrying a leather jacket. It’s kind of like wearing a “no nutra-sweet button” while holding a beverage with aspartame. Not blaming the chick, just pointing it out. I’m proud of Lindsay for the pin. It’s a total step in the right direction

  • No Fur
  • Jimmy D.

    Oh, please! Give me a freakin’ break! Lindsay Lohan is an attention whore, just like all these phony-baloney animal rights groups. She does it for career-building (which translates to money). They do it for fundraising (which translates to money). Two peas in a pod.

    I’ll bet you dinner at Le Circe that LiLo is back wearing dead, furry animals by next year’s Oscar red carpet.

    And “no fur” above works for the Humane Society of the United States.

    Hi, Pierre! Having fun?

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  • Dana

    I love the no-fur pins. I have one on my winter coat and people always tell me they love it. It’s cool that a fashion designer is promoting the pins to celebs and other trend-setters.

  • Mel

    The fur industry’s pretty gross. At least give the little critters some love before you eat them….wait….people who process fur don’t eat the meat from the animals. They just toss the carcases! Totally vile. On top of that, the animals are still raised in small animal mills. I have Native American family members that do have furs from their hunting expeditions that they only go on one a year. I love the respect that most native nations have for the animals they hunt. I wish we all could have that much respect for them.

  • tjr

    Lindsay Lohan Steals $11,000 Fur Coat

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