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Semi-Confirmed Owners List For Tesla Roadster Adds Brad Pitt, Anthony Kiedis

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Now that the Tesla Roadster is actually starting to trickle on to roads around America, speculation is heating up as to who’s on the list — and when they’re getting their car. We already know George Clooney, Matt Damon, Michael “Flea” Balzary, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will.i.am, and Aaron Wills are signed up and paid. We also know that Leonardo DiCaprio is in the hunt as well. Beyond the above, however, we’re forced to rely upon some excellent web-digging by Tesla enthusiasts for names and orders.

Over on the site TeslaMotorClub, a growing list of politicans, artists, musicians, and wealthy folk is starting to take shape. Some new additions that we were previously unaware of include Brad Pitt, Dennis Haysbert, and Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Anthony Kiedis. Also interesting to note on the list are those involved with green documentaries — from Chris Paine, Director of Who Killed The Electric Car to Scott Burns, Producer of An Inconvenient Truth.

Obviously, we’ll know more in the coming months, but it’s a good bet that the latter half of 2008 will be a feast for Tesla spying as famous folk hit the roads — and premieres — in their shiny green cars. Check out the Top 20 semi-confirmed, with sources below the fold. For the full list — and some great discussion on the roadster — check out TeslaMotorClub.

Martin Eberhard Tesla Founder
Elon Musk Tesla Chairman of the board
Michael Marks former CEO of Flextronics, former interim Tesla CEO
Larry Page Google founder
Sergey Brin Google founder
Michael Dell Dell computers founder
Chris Paine writer and director, “Who Killed the Electric Car”
Dean Devlin producer, “Who Killed the Electric Car”
Scott Burns producer, “An Inconvenient Truth”
Arnold Schwarzenegger / Maria Shriver Actor/politician & his wife
Gavin Newsom San Francisco Mayor
Nicholas Pritzker Hyatt hotel CEO
Eric Stang Reliant CEO
Brian Halla CEO of National Semiconductor
George Clooney Actor, Director
Brad Pitt Actor
Matt Damon Actor
Dennis Haysbert TV Actor, 24 and The Unit
Will.I.Am Singer
Michael “Flea” Balzary Bassist

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