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America's Next Top Model Is DEAD MEAT!

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Put on your seatbelts Ecorazzi readers — I’m about to take you on a journey. Imagine this: a young (wildly handsome) vegan dude gets together with some of his closest friends for an evening of tortilla chips and reality television. The line up: America’s Next Top Model, Super Nanny and Top Chef. First up: America’s Next Top Model.

Judge me not on my choice of television programs, but rather save your judgment for what I’m about to describe. If you’re not familiar with Top Model, each week a series of girls compete to win the coveted title of America’s Next Top Model. Over the course of the show, contestants go through a series of stunts and participate in a weekly photo shoot challenge.

On this episode, the models were driven to the famous meat packing district of New York City and led inside a huge walk in refrigerator decked out in the skinned carcasses of dead animals harnessed upside down with hooks through their jowls. The girls were told that for this shoot they would be posing in the meat locker wearing outfits made from actual uncooked meat-we’re talking like rack of lamb bra, Kobe beef underwear.

As my non-vegetarian friends and I sat in horror at what we were witnessing, I couldn’t help but think how totally hypocritical this was coming from a show that just a few seasons ago prided themselves on going “green.” You see, green doesn’t just mean driving electric cars or using fancy light bulbs. Being green is a philosophy that embraces the understanding that our planet is a precious resource…not an all you can eat buffet.

This over the top, crass challenge was so obviously a desperate attempt at shock value and a successful one at that. It shocked me into losing what respect I had for the show. It shocked me into writing this post. But most importantly, it shocked me into the decision that I’m done watching a show that cares not for the sensibilities of their viewers or the delicateness of their planet. Sorry to say it, but America’s Next Top Model…you and I are through.

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  • Fair

    Wow, eating meat is NATURAL for humans, you are a deluded if you deny that. Going green doesn’t mean stop eating meat, it means to prevent environment from changing to something that might be hazardous to humans.

    Another pointless whinny vegie crap article.

  • shelby

    not that big of a deal people…no one fussed or complained when rocky was using a hanging piece of animal as a punching bag………… my how times has changed

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