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Put on your seatbelts Ecorazzi readers — I’m about to take you on a journey. Imagine this: a young (wildly handsome) vegan dude gets together with some of his closest friends for an evening of tortilla chips and reality television. The line up: America’s Next Top Model, Super Nanny and Top Chef. First up: America’s Next Top Model.

Judge me not on my choice of television programs, but rather save your judgment for what I’m about to describe. If you’re not familiar with Top Model, each week a series of girls compete to win the coveted title of America’s Next Top Model. Over the course of the show, contestants go through a series of stunts and participate in a weekly photo shoot challenge.

On this episode, the models were driven to the famous meat packing district of New York City and led inside a huge walk in refrigerator decked out in the skinned carcasses of dead animals harnessed upside down with hooks through their jowls. The girls were told that for this shoot they would be posing in the meat locker wearing outfits made from actual uncooked meat-we’re talking like rack of lamb bra, Kobe beef underwear.

As my non-vegetarian friends and I sat in horror at what we were witnessing, I couldn’t help but think how totally hypocritical this was coming from a show that just a few seasons ago prided themselves on going “green.” You see, green doesn’t just mean driving electric cars or using fancy light bulbs. Being green is a philosophy that embraces the understanding that our planet is a precious resource…not an all you can eat buffet.

This over the top, crass challenge was so obviously a desperate attempt at shock value and a successful one at that. It shocked me into losing what respect I had for the show. It shocked me into writing this post. But most importantly, it shocked me into the decision that I’m done watching a show that cares not for the sensibilities of their viewers or the delicateness of their planet. Sorry to say it, but America’s Next Top Model…you and I are through.

  • michael

    That has to be one of the most disgusting stunts I’ve ever seen. WTF were they thinking?

  • shannon

    i was disgusted…ANTM being a guilty pleasure of mine, i don’t expect much, but i…i’m just disgusted.

  • ellen

    I AM a vegetarian and this made me completely sick to my stomach. Don’t they know livestock is one of the biggest contributers to global warming?

    Even aside from it being horrifying, they photoshoot was awful. I can almost smell the rotting flesh from here.

  • Luna-See

    So very disappointed with ANTM for pulling such a heinus stunt.

  • Luna-See

    *oops…*heinous* stunt!

  • Katie

    This is disgusting. Isn’t pain, suffering and murder so wonderfully fashionable? Perhaps we could murder one of these leather-wearing models on the show, that would be some real shock value for the otherwise ignorant public.

    Vegan power!

    • Michael

      Murder? Murder? oh my…

  • AT

    Watching it I thought, “PETA is going to be pissed.” I cannot believe they’d do something so politically incorrect. Paulina made a good point about the metaphor of models being meat but seriously??

  • parrish

    AT- For real. I was making phone calls all during the episode. Paulina did make a good point, but sometimes metaphors are best left on paper I think.

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  • Andrea N.


  • J.Z.

    That’s freaking disgusting. I just lost any interest for the show. As well as any respect I had for the people on it, and the shows makers…Can they get any more stupid? Guess so.

  • Jackie

    That is SO gross, and it is sad because that used to be one of my favorite shows. I am a vegetarian, and I don’t plan on watching ANTM for a long time.
    Sick, sick, sick.

  • Megan

    Thanks for the heads up. ANTM is only in its fifth season in my country. I may not be a vegan/vegetarian, but I have friends who are and who love the show. I will be sure to warn them. They will not be impressed to say the least.

  • Curtis


    What a disgusting idea for that stupid, stupid show.

  • Jasper J.

    I could not agree more! Through with this show! I am a devout vegetarian, but even if I wasn’t, I don’t get it. And not one of the models questioned this task beyond their own disgust. Initially I thought this was a test to see if the models have enough personality to say “obviously I will not slip into a meat bikini for anything!” But I waited for Tyra to jump out candid-camera-style, but oh-no, dead serious!

  • Michelle Siriani

    I will never watch the show again. THAT WAS SO GROSS!

  • Emily

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


  • caroline

    I am surprised that anyone is shocked or surprised – I mean they have had them posing ‘dead’ before now – it was only a matter of time. Tyra Banks is a massive wanker, so anything that she does will not surprise me – in fact when I saw this before I read it I thought that they were strung up by their ankles ‘dressed’ as carcasses – this seems a bit tame in comparison!

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  • Ana

    Tasteless, vulgar and violent! I am vegan. Violence and cruelty is never fashionable. Insensitive, cruel airheads!!!

  • Jimmy

    Oh, PLEASE — Give me a break. You vegans need to get a grip and recognize that not everyone worships at the tofu temple. You’re free to restrict yourself to a legume diet, but it’s just not for everyone. And it never will be.

  • Deb

    I have messaged people so far (her talk show, ANTM, and the CW) and haven’t gotten a response. I urge others to do the same. I am also a vegan and it is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever EVER seen. It was like–where are we as a society? I’m not easily offended and probably not as vigilant as a vegan as I should be sometimes, but this has gone too damn far. I have some contact info if you’re interested:
    You can leave feedback at:

    Her production company:
    Bankable Productions

    6310 San Vicente Boulevard

    Suite 505

    Los Angeles, CA 90048

    Phone: 323-934-4308

    The feedback address of the CW that broadcasts the ANTM show:

    The CW
    411 North Hollywood Way
    Burbank, California 91505

  • Knena

    I totally agree, I’m done with ANTM, too!!! that was unexcuseable!

  • Carmen

    Jimmy–as a vegetarian, I was COMPLETELY disgusted. However, my father, who is an avid deer hunter and fisher, also found it disrespectful to the animals who gave up their lives so that man can eat more steak. It’s no secret that the cows are treated cruelly before they are actually skinned up and put in a cute little saran-wrapped package, but there’s no way that those “models” would ever see that. If I was at the bottom of the food chain and cows were eating me, I would hope that they would at least respect that I gave my life for them and not make a “sexy” photo shoot out of it.

  • Pam

    If you want (?!) to see more of the disgusting pictures… or don’t live in the USA or missed the episode and want to witness the product of this ploy for the show:,8,0

  • Caley

    I didn’t watch the show, but it certainly sounds disgusting… not only because of the fact that they were modeling animal carcasses, but also because of the complete lack of consideration on the part of the show’s producers and participants regarding animal cruelty and environmental issues. I am not a vegetarian, but I can see that this is wrong on so many levels.
    Question: What is ANTM’s (and Tyra Banks’) stance on wearing/modeling fur?

  • Caley

    Just did a little research… turns out Tyra has actually participated in PETA’s “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign. Can we say mixed messages?

  • Pam

    “I will change your life” blog needs to change his own life.

    He does partly see how bad this is. But not the full extent.
    Lets see if he will go and take the 30 day challenge.
    Or perhaps just take a better look around and do some more thinking.

  • Jessie

    Uh, yeah. Mike pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one. (WTF were they thinking??)

    meat is not pretty. it is dead.


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  • jamielynn

    wow, and here i was youtubing episodes of ANTM yesterday–i had no idea they did this! i’m not a vegetarian, but this is wasteful, disgusting, and disrespectful. not to mention unsanitary…

  • Kristen

    So this blog is quite past due, but I thought I would let everyone know that I emailed PETA with a link to this blog and information about the show. Hopefully they will post something on their website, and send Tyra an informative letter.

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  • Fair

    Wow, eating meat is NATURAL for humans, you are a deluded if you deny that. Going green doesn’t mean stop eating meat, it means to prevent environment from changing to something that might be hazardous to humans.

    Another pointless whinny vegie crap article.

  • shelby

    not that big of a deal people…no one fussed or complained when rocky was using a hanging piece of animal as a punching bag………… my how times has changed