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Don’t get me wrong, I love all the cool, wacky, sustainable ideas coming out of the fashion world. But I’ve yet to get my head around the crazy prices associated with a designer’s name. Take this new environmentally-friendly handbag from designer Giles Miller. It’s made from cardboard sourced from sustainably-harvested forests. It also costs more than $360 US.

Of course, your investment won’t just sog away in the rain — Giles has made sure with a water-resistant spray coating the item. We’re just not so sure how eco-friendly that is — nor whether including a leather strap was a wise idea either. Don’t expect Natalie Portman to be lugging this around.

Regardless, actor Colin Firth has decided to sell the paper bag in his new green shop in West London. We wish him the best, but if these prices are the norm, we expect there’s going to be a bit more browsing than buying going on.

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  • Brookie

    My cats would LOVE that!

  • Audrj

    Lets make from trash bags too

  • http://na mteejay

    that is the most stupid thing i have ever heard in my life. i have no idea how this dude could justify spending that much money on a bag thats made out of cardboard which looks so ugly. for gods sake man, give some to me!(or better yet a need charity)

  • Andrea

    Given the cattle industry’s huge impact on climate change, it’s kind of a strange decision on behalf of the designer to include leather in this bag. And also consider the toxic chemicals used to process the leather. There’s so many other materials he could have used besides leather.