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george1.jpgIn an odd mix up that really makes no sense at all, the eBay “Win A Date With George Clooney” auction to accompany the actor to the red carpet premiere of Leatherheads has been canceled. Why? Because nobody thought to ask the actor if this was at all possible.

Auction representatives are back pedaling as hype over the date hit almost every media outlet around the world. Said one contact, “It was all a big misunderstanding. We’ve contacted George Clooney’s representative and apologized.”

The money raised — and people, this would have been huge — was to go the Boys and Girls Club.

You can rest easy Sarah Larsen — he’s still all your’s. For now.

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  • Ms. Dawn M. Nevills

    hmmm…..seems an odd point in life at which to make him feel like a traded baseball player. Marketing is a tricky thing, when one begins to feel like piece of meat in the supermarket, I fear…

    Guess there’s something to be said for manners, after all!…wink.

    Based on his usual quiet insistence on mutually respectful ways of supporting efforts (aside from punching out a dirctor…cough) I’m sure the Boys and Girls Club will come up smiling…