On Saturday, March 29th at 8pm, millions of people, buildings and landmarks around the world will turn off their lights for one hour – otherwise know as “Earth Hour“. The effort is meant to show that the world can come together to make a difference in the fight against climate change. From the Sears Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge to the Sydney Opera House, familiar landmarks in some way will be going dark to show support. There’s even word that The Weather Channel HQ in Atlanta will be turning off all non-essential lighting on their building as well as promoting Earth Hour on their program Forecast Earth. Who wants to bet former founder John Coleman is going to lose it?

Obviously, we’ve got some great star power behind this event as well. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, actresses Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman, Dolly Parton, Blake Lewis, Menudo, Lonestar, and many others. In Canada Nelly Furtado is even giving a free concert. To date, 25 cities around the globe have been designated by World Wildlife Fund as official Earth Hour flagship cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco in the United States.

To see how you can participate — though we bet you’ve got that figured out — check out the official Earth Hour site and sign up to pledge your support!

[UPDATE] Looks like Jeremy Piven had lent his voice for a new video for the campaign. Check it out below.

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  • Susan

    Yes, I’m sure they’ll turn off their lights before being driven in SUV gas hogs to the airport where their private jets will be sitting there waiting for them.

  • Jessica

    I’m assuming the free concert will have no lights, no electricity, and no tour buses blowing gas out of their constantly running wazoos. I saw Fall Out Boy last fall and stood in a line of exhaust fumes for 2 hours. Forgive my skeptism but the plastic in Nicole Kidman’s face alone could build a couple dozen Hybrids. But thank God it has Blake Lewis’ support. Sigh.

  • http://mitzieskill.com Donna

    being positive is hard work I know. But it’s like the big nothing in the never ending story..it only shrinks back in it’s hole when you believe. go ahead… do what you dream Sebastian!

  • Dave

    I don’t understand why you all have to hate on someone trying to raise awareness towards a cause you all, I think, believe in. In order to really make a difference we need to educate those who know nothing about climate change. Sometimes it takes someone “known” to get this done. I applaud ANYONE who wants to help raise awareness.

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  • http://www.newmatilda.com/polliegraph/ Bob Dumpling

    Earth Hour is a celebration of failure. It’s 2008 and we still need to educate people to turn off lights that aren’t being used?!?!

    Maybe Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman could find a campaign which actually challenges people to do some thing constructive.

    Imagine if the Weather Channel HQ ALWAYS switched off non-essential lighting. Good luck humans, hope you brought your sunscreen ‘cos it’s gonna get hot!

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  • Angel

    Earth Hour is cool!

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