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Joining a slew of other celebrities like Edward Norton, Jay Leno, and Will Ferrell, actor Jason Bateman picked up the keys to a new BMW Hydrogen 7 this week. The Arrested Development star — most recently seen in the Oscar-nominated film Juno — was jazzed to among a handful of people giving the H7 a test run for a few months in the real world. From the release,

“Driving in the H7 is like being in a time machine – a full size luxury time machine… with power windows,” said Bateman. “And in the future people are smart; they pump water instead of gas! Hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to buy one of these beautiful cars so I can get back to the future.”

What? I thought only DeLoreans could do that…

Most recently, I stumbled upon a written review by Jay Leno of the Hydrogen 7 for the UK Times Online. Here’s a nice highlight:

” For the past few days I have been driving BMW’s latest 7-series hydrogen car. There is some terrific technology there. It makes plenty of power for its size; the only thing that has limited it is the choice of fuel. This is a flex-fuel vehicle. It runs on either hydrogen or petrol. If you run out of hydrogen you press a button and it goes to petrol. I’ve been running it on hydrogen just to see what it’s like. It stores the hydrogen at -253C. It’s kept extremely cold so that it becomes a liquid. The trick of course is keeping it cold. I’m told that the tanks are so well insulated that if you poured a cup of hot coffee into them in July, come November it would still be too hot to drink.”

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  • Alexi

    Neat car, too bad they’re only for movie stars :-)

    …and was I the only one who was waiting for a punchline in Leno’s quote?

  • Brookie

    I could stare at Bateman all day.

  • Cindy

    Is it really smart using water because aren’t we using alot of water now? It’s hard enough to have enough pure water for us to drink and to use it on cars when we use it for almost everything else.. I just think they should have used something else..

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