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Well color me green and call me Andie MacDowell! In a recent interview with, Andie MacDowell talked about her career, spirituality and going green. When asked how living green was part of her formula for a great life, Andie said: 

It’s important to me. I am actually selling the big house I live in now because it is more than I can justify. My long-term plan is to build a totally green house. I also have a conservation easement on land in Montana, a 2,000-acre piece that will be protected in perpetuity.

I drive a Prius, we eat organic, and we compost and recycle. But what’s really interesting to me is how easy it is for my children to live in ways that will save the earth. My girls are vegetarians because they don’t want to support the degradation caused by raising cattle. Meat has been harder for me to totally give up. I am not a big meat eater, but it is a source of protein that I feel my body needs.

I wish there was a sustainable way for people to have a small amount of meat in their diet. Those of us who grew up spoiled by a culture that wanted to have things easy — we find it difficult. In the end, the adjustments are not hard or a burden. We must change and take responsibility as caretakers of the earth. I include myself in this statement.

Ok well who cares if I disagree with Andie about the meat thing? This chick is going above and beyond the call of duty and I’m totally impressed.  To read the whole interview visit

  • Andrea

    She makes some interesting points. This current generation of Americans and other folks in developed countries are pretty spoiled and we’ve been conditioned to be averse to sacrifice of any sort, but really once you make a few changes such as giving up meat or taking public transit instead of driving, you get used to it quickly and it no longer seems like a sacrifice. I instead focus on what I gain by my changes, such as experimenting with new vegetables and grains and other plant-based sources of protein that are healthier, and more time to read on the subway or bus instead of sitting in traffic.

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  • maddison

    sure…but she advertises L’Oreal, that’s just wrong…