matt.jpgA few weeks back, we told you about Orlando Bloom’s habit of wearing the same clothes sans washing for extended periods of time. This, of course, much to the dismay of girlfriend Miranda Kerr who has reportedly implored the actor to change his ‘smelly’ ways.

Anyways, according to several sources, it appears that Matthew McConaughey is the water-conservation type as well. The topic came up after McConaughey revealed to a friend why he fell in love with girlfriend Camila Alves. “He said he finally met a girl who can go without a shower for a week – someone he can go mountain climbing and hiking with,” Pamela DePalma, president of DePalma Enterprises, which represents Camila’s new venture MUXO handbags.

According to Cele|bitchy, “McConaughey is known for going au natural and has not worn deodorant in 20 years. He told Playboy magazine that he refused to put on a rock crystal deodorant that his costar Kate Hudson tried to get him to wear while they were filming Fool’s Gold.”

The new trend in Hollywood? Ladies, could you stand a date with these guys regardless off their eco-friendly water ways?

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  • oakling

    To be fair, I would have picked Bloom over McCona-heeeeyyyyyyyyy no matter which of them had gone without showering for a week.

  • Lucy

    I love Orlando Bloom!!!!!!! I don’t care if he doesn’t shower for a week. So what he is Orlando Bloom, Will Turner. He is the sexest man to date right mow. Ask yourself this question if you had the chance to date Orlando Bloom would you??
    Of Course you would come on his amazing. I love you Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • melissa

    i don’t feel that it is anyones business anyway what they do because they are their on person and they can do what ever they want.

  • Micaela

    No importa lo que sean, un día les puede parecer que lo que hacen no es algo agradable y cambian su forma de ser. Aun así me quedo con Orlando!

  • jordan

    ok yall, both htese guys are fine and we all kno it!!!!!

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