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Regardless of the entourage reports and costs associated with Jessica Simpson’s trip to Iraq, the end result should be how she brought some cheer to the troops serving there, right? Well, according to some U.S. military personnel present at the concert, Simpson was a disappointment — acting more like a “diva” than someone there under their own volition to lend a helping hand. “It was a promotional event for Tom Anderson, Myspace, (and) Jessica, at the expense of the taxpapers,” said one soldier named Paul. “She and the PCD’s (Pussy Cat Dolls) didn’t leave a very good impression with the troops.”

Another solider named Joel thought DJ Z-Trip, Carlos Mencia, Metal Sanaz, Disturbed and Filter were more than accessible to the troops. Echoing similar feelings by Paul, he thought Simpson and the Pussycat Dolls left a bad impression. “The Pussy cat dolls and Jessica Simpson were there just for the publicity. Yes it was good for them to actually come out for it — that was awesome — but they only did it for publicity. Find one pic of any of them with a soldier or troop other than them serving chow at the chow hall. Which what Paul says they did for only 5 minutes.”

Another commenter named Stephanie said her brother serving in Iraq was dismayed by Simpson’s refusal to meet and greet troops while the Pussy Cat Dolls were. “My brother is in Kuwait and he said she acted like a diva. Refusing to come meet the soldiers while the pussycat dolls were meeting them so she was not in the same camera shot. She had many demands and her first priority was certainly not the troops it was more like her time to be “seen” with the troops.”

So there we have it — she could have been paid a zillion dollars, but at the end of the day, it was why she was there that was more important than anything else. Apparently, however, the “why” never figured into the equation as much as the photo opportunities and impressions of good will. Damn shame. Read the full comments by the troops here.

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  • parrish

    Thanks Ecorazzi readers for stepping up and giving us some first hand information.

  • Deanna

    Seriously? The best thing the troops getting ready to deploy to Iraq have to do with their time is surf this site and gossip? Wow.

    Hopefully they are fakers trying to spread rumors and seem important. If not, I’m embarrassed to be a US citizen.

  • michael

    Deanna — It may surprise you to know that Troops need downtime like the rest of us. They’ve got videogames, books, music, and yes, computers. To be embarrassed that those serving overseas get a chance to relax and do whatever they please is ridiculous.

  • m

    This article is ridiculous and I don’t believe a word of it.

  • The Joel

    M, I was there first hand and in charge of security, its all true, click on full comments at the end of the article and read mine. I could go into a lot more detail as well but I thought I’d stop since its so long, why would we make this stuff up?

  • http://heavens King James

    Did any of you ever think, JESS might be doing that because she does care?
    Possabillity……SKINNY LOVES STINKY
    how about that date..STINKY?

  • Lisa

    I dont believe a word of this article, its ridiculous. Jessica has been entertaining and singing for the US troops for years. This time is no different.

  • The Joel

    Read my comments for Pete’s sake I was there. Read the full comments made by everyone in the article above and read mine and Paul’s. We were no sh*t there and I even have pictures with Disturbed and Z trip to prove it. Why would I make this crap up

  • Amber

    Deanna, what an individual service member does with their time is up to them and for no one to judge. Like a previous commenter stated, we ALL are allowed down time. Military included. If Jessica Simpson (and PCD) really were in it for the troops they would have went the distance the other performers did or went through the USO organization. But they didn’t and it showed.

    Honestly, I think this a great site to browse. It offers entertainment while speaking out about the environment. I think it would be helpful to remember the genre or theme of this website while commenting.