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happening.jpgWarning: Movie spoilers below.

We’ve previously mentioned M. Night Shyamalan’s new upcoming film The Happening here on razzi several times. Based on the brief synopsis spreading online it deals with killer plants, the end of the world, and an overarching message that everything we do to the planet will eventually come full circle. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Alma Moore, and John Leguizamo. According to an early review of the script, it’s also “the most moronic environmentalism in cinema history”.

The review comes to us from the site Gone Elsewhere which amusingly quips that the film “makes On Deadly Ground look like An Inconvenient Truth.” According to the author, things start off strongly with some pretty horrific violence (you can spy some of that in the recently released teaser trailer) and then quickly spirals out of control. From the review,

“The script takes the classic “idiot plot” to previously unknown levels of retardation. Question: If nature itself turned against mankind…wouldn’t the logical course of action be to seek refuge indoors, nail your windows shut and try to make the room as airtight as possible? Off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen spots that would be infinitely safer than roaming around fields, forests and gardens aimlessly. Yet, Shyamalan has his characters do just that. It’s completely illogical and only serves to move the story from one nail-biting sequence to another.”

Once again, this is a review of the supposed shooting script, so we’re going to leave our own judgments until the closing credits. Still, with Lady in the Water proving to be such a disappointment to so many people, we’re hoping The Happening doesn’t inherit the same fate.

You can check out the full script review here.

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