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Over the years Simon Cowell has surely received his fair share of negative press. But beneath that growly snarl and botoxed complexion there’s a warm-hearted charitable dude who’s sprinkling his philanthropic fairy dust all across the globe.

Ecorazzi previously reported that Cowell is planning to leave his almost 200 million dollar fortune to animal and children’s charities when he eventually passes away…but Simon isn’t letting death stand in his way. The American Idol judge recently wrote a check for $162,000 to the parents of a cancer-stricken girl to pay off their mortgage.

The money went to Amy and Randy Stoen who’s daughter Madelaine was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma — a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Amy and Randy travel over 100 miles each day to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Minnesota where Madelaine receives regular chemotherapy treatments.

Simon announced the good news yesterday on Oprah Winfrey’s new show Oprah’s Big Give, saying: “I never knew that doing good could feel so good. It doesn’t stop here. If there’s any problem, I’m her guardian angel now.”

Well if this isn’t the feel good story of the week I don’t know what is. Oh Simon…you old so and so!


  • Leanne

    I think what simon cowell did for that family was reallu great! They deserved whatever Simon Cowell gave them. Simon when is the X factor back on?

  • Leanne

    I LOVE SIMON COWELL! Simon Cowell is actually a nice person say hes mean but that was shockingly surpirising of Simon

  • Loretta

    I have been a fan of simon cowell’s ever since the show began, my experience of him is that he is straightforward, honest and has integrity. and because of his comments, guidance and coaching to each contestant, when they use his words of wisdom they succeed…