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Mariah Carey’s cover art for her new album E=MC2 has just been released — and for the sake of argument, we’re wondering what you think she’s holding. Speculation around the web say it’s fur — which would put her squarely in the crosshairs of PETA. However, it could also be a really furry blanket — which just happens to look like it was peeled off a polar bear. We’re just trying to figure out what the hell E=MC2 means in Mariah terms…could it be she digs it just because it contains her initials?

[UPDATE] Thank you kind readers for shedding light that this is a boa — and does not appear at all to be something related to the fur industry. You rock. You too, Mariah.

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    I don’t know what she’s holding. Some kind of white feather boa which were also given out to fans during a recent concert taping.

    As for the title, E=MC2 – her last album was The Emancipation of Mimi.

    E=MC2 = Emancipation=Mariah Carey to the second power.

  • Jake

    Definitely not fur. Being a huge PETA supporter and former vegan, Mariah only sports faux fur.

  • Donnie

    It’s a boa. She’s praised by PETA for her “faux fur” stance and how she donated fur coats that were given to her as gifts. Just an FYI.

  • Minime

    LMAO, do you really see it as fur? you need glasses then, ever heard about boas?????

  • rose

    Mariah wouldn’t dare using fur and it looks like a feather boa type of thing.

  • Sally

    As a knitter and self-proclaimed fiber-ologist, I concur with previous commenters. It appears to be made of what crafters would call “fancy fur” or “fun fur” … boa material (and don’t worry, not the snake).

  • J327

    Mariah doesn’t wear fur, and she was once a vegetarian. Whenever she’s sent furs, she sends them to PETA and they either destroy them or give them to the poor.

    It’s a boa, she’s using them in all her shoots now.