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Yesterday in Sydney, Australia, Bindi Irwin — daughter of the late Steve Irwin — became the fashion world’s youngest designer by unveiling her Bindi Wear International clothing line. As we’ve mentioned before, the more than 100 different items in the collection will all have some measure of green — with 100% of the profits going towards various conservation efforts. Not only will the clothes carry environmental messages like “Tigers should be loved, not rugs” and “Extinct Stinks!” but where possible, they will also contain recycled materials.

Bindi is also looking ahead — with plans to run for Prime Minister of Australia or President of the United States already on the table. “In America they are looking for the next president and I’ve listened to everybody and, nothing against them, but they are talking about jobs, houses, developments, money, money and more money and there is nothing about conservation,” she said. “I haven’t heard anything about that. We really do need to start doing something – we can’t eat money in the long run.”

Bindi also got heavy on the subject of whaling — something her father was adamantly against. Last year, the Sea Shepherd Society honored his memory by dedicating an anti-whaling boat in his name. Said Bindi, “It’s awful what’s happened – it’s become war. It’s bullets now.”

Oh, by the way, she’s only 9-years-old and her environmental policies are already years ahead of the Bush Administration. Which, frankly, is not surprising.

For a slide show of her fashion debut, jump here.

via Herald Sun

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  • splitchick59

    unfortunately Bindi can’t run for president…i don’t think she was born in the United States.

  • ash

    This girl is fantastic! Yes Bindi for President!

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  • TitanTV

    We recently covered this story on our Daily Greens show which covers many different eco-friendly stories. Daily Greens 52 brought our viewers a small look at this amazing girl and a few other stories that are occurring in the world today. Check it out and see even more great shows at Heres the link to the Daily Greens with Bindi Irwin in it ENJOY!

  • juan

    Bindi sos una genia I love You!!!

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  • julie-anne vanderwolf

    you are so kool and are monkeys favirote food bananas and monkeys are my favifote animals are cats and monkeys i love your shows and you are my favirote kid

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  • http://photosofbindiirwin holly

    I am so happy that Bindi has her own fashion range and now i can buy my favorite celebritys cloths

  • Brianna Page

    You rock Bindi Irwin. I am sorry about your father. My Favourite animals is a Horse, I’ve always wanted one. Do horses like certain People? Thanks so muchi hope you reply! thanks. You are great. I hope you be responsible when you MIGHT become President but i dont think you should be president of “The United States” only Australia. Tats your country!

  • http://philips Bianca

    My name is Briana I want always to be in your place is a wonderful world of animals. You see a lion vriodata high?