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He sings, he dances…he drinks tap water?

Longtime UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken is urging New Yorkers to participate in The Tap Project — a US campaign to help UNICEF provide safe drinking water to children around the world.

The Tap Project will take place in select New York City restaurants during World Water Week (3/16 – 3/22). During that time, restaurants will ask their customers to pay $1 for each glass of water that would normally come free with the meal. That dollar will then be donated to UNICEF where it can provide safe drinking water for a child in a Third World country for 40 days.

So go see Clay in Spamalot on Broadway and on your way stop off at an eatery for a glass of the good stuff.


  • Johnna

    I love this guy. He’s so bloody talented and a real decent guy. Too bad more stars aren’t like him.

  • yellowjack11

    Great Idea…we should do that in Raleigh nc..Clay’s home town..we have a water shortage here..and maybe it would generate some attention for his cause..after I am drinking bottle water daily now…and I pay for that…(more than a 1.00) Go Clay…JJ

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  • jay

    Not sure I understand your statement, JJ. Are you saying that Clay should mind his town’s problem before the poorer nations of the world? At least you can buy bottled water; reality is that the poorer countries don’t have that option. I’m sorry you have a situation and attention should be paid to it, but Clay is doing his job that UNICEF appointed him for. Think of others as well as your own and things do get done.


  • kit25

    I like the suggestion to go see Spamalot. The word is that Clay is SPECTACULAR in this sidesplittingly funny show. I’m all set to see it this weekend. YAY!!!

  • Love

    Actually, the Tap Project is taking place in cities all over the U.S. — not just in NYC. For a list of all the restaurants that have already signed up, or to register your own restaurant, click here

    Clay rocks!

  • smc

    Imagine that. A celebrity trying to be a positive role model and make a difference in this world. What a concept!
    I wish THIS is what the news/entertainment news programs reported on instead of the crappy celebrity antics my kid sees. Too bad they THINK noone would be interested, but they’re so wrong. Go Clay!

  • http://IdealIdol Kathy

    JJ- good idea, hear there has been quite a drought in the southeast. Kudos to Clay. He is a fantastic guy and hope he keeps it up. Have a great day.

  • AVA

    What a great project. It is easily taken fore granted what we have everyday.Water !!!! Clay is a very good model. He is very genuine and he truly cares about others. I am looking forward to seeing him in Spamalot. I have been hearing that he is doing a fantastic job being in character with a British accent. Great Job Clay

  • Jared

    This is very innovative. Who can’t afford a buck. Good on ya Clay and Unicef.

  • shirley

    I plan to get on board with this effort. We are supposed to be a civilized nation, and the least we can do is help provide fresh drining water for those children who don’t have any.
    There is presently a video available for viewing, possibly YouTube, of Clay talking about his efforts through Unicef to make people aware of this dire need.
    Thank you, Clay, for always helping.

  • sienna

    I am glad that more and more sensible people are recognizing Clay’s sincerity in bringing awareness to the world’s underprivilege and not rely on a false medium. He had proven time and time again that he is not just a celebrity, but one who makes use of it to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! By the way, go see SPAM. He is spamtastic! On your way, stop by Junior’s and drop a $ for a glass of H2O.

  • greeneyes

    we all Take water for granted it breaks my heart to think children cant have a cup of water because they will get sick. and we use water for everything in the USA. the children need water everyday we drink water. I am with clay! let the children have clean water! thanks

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  • Darlene

    This is a wonderful project.
    I pray everyday for those under privileged children, and families.
    Clay is fantastic!!

  • Phoebe

    I applaud Clay and other celebrities that focus their fame on helping others in the world. It’s reassuring to see that not every celebrity is useless and self-absorbed.

    The Tap Project is such a simple way to raise money for this basic human need.

  • NI

    I think the Tap Project is a great idea! Like someone else mentioned, this is taking place in 41 states. Too bad it isn’t anywhere close to where I live! However, if you visit the website, there is a volunteer option to try and rally local restaurants which I hope to participate in. I’m a fan of Clay, and I probably wouldn’t have heard of this great project if he hadn’t supported it.