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Michael Jackson’s been going THROUGH it lately. Ecorazzi reported last week that the fallen King Of Pop will probably lose his ranch and now it looks like he can wave goodbye to the Jacko Jungle too.

Page Six is reporting that Voices of the Wild Foundation, a non-profit animal sanctuary in Page, Ariz., has adopted the bulk of Jacko’s zoo — including four giraffes, nine parrots and three giant pythons. Jackson’s two caymans and two anacondas will join the crew in a few months.

Currently the animals are living in a temporary set up (New Yorkers-think of it like subletting in Far Rockaway) but VWG recently announced plans to build a multimillion-dollar, 186-acre wildlife preserve that will house Michael’s critters, as well as a slew of other needy creatures. 

It was reported that the animals arrived “in good condition, with no signs of mistreatment” and the foundation is even letting Jackson visit his ex-pets whenever he’d like. Preserve manager Marc Chandler said: “It’s not that he gave them up because he didn’t want animals anymore. It was a financial situation and they were caught in the middle of it. Michael is welcome to be a part of their lives.”

While I’m happy the animals went to a sanctuary and not Paris Hilton’s mini animal mansion, I feel bad for the guy.  Losing a pet’s a big deal, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be saying goodbye to like a billion of them. So feel better Michael, and here’s to better times!

  • Japha

    Can I just say it’s nice to see an article, which really is an article. Information given to you, not opinion. I was no longer going to read up about MJ but its people like you that show me that there are good journalists out there. Thanks…

  • parrish

    Thank YOU! Nice words for a rainy Wednesday afternoon!

  • STFU

    Olllld news! Jeez.

  • Paul

    Thanks for a decent article!!

    peace :]

  • protector

    i really like the article, because it doesnt speak evil about michael jackson.

  • Michelle

    This must be devastating for Michael. I am actually one of the few people who got the opportunity to see most of these animals in person. He loved them and they really were like his friends. You can see pics of the parrots and make donations to help with these and other exotic animals on a website.

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