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Do you like my scare tactic title? You know you want ME answering the phone at 3am. But I digress.

Bad news for tweens everywhere! Yesterday, the Center for Environmental Health reported that high levels of lead were found in a series of Hannah Montana products on sale at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys “R” Us.

Paint from five of the twenty eight products tested — including a Girls Rock Backpack and a Secret Star wallet — had lead contents of 1,800 parts per million to 8,300 parts per million. What does that mean in English? Well let’s just say the federal standard for lead in paint is 600 ppm. EEK!

The good news is that Disney is still getting rich. The bad news is that high levels of lead can impair children’s learning ability and cause irreversible neurological damage as well as renal disease, cardiovascular effects, and reproductive toxicity.

So grab that neurologically important tween in your life and ransack their Hannah Montana Secret Star wallet. Because let’s be honest, the only secret in that wallet is the plastic poison it’s wrapped in. Pinky swear!

thanks for saving our lives:

  • http://-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lauren


    • http://google chris

      u r so stupied no 1 is killing any one

  • michael

    That’s fine — just makes sure you’re not ingesting your Secret Star wallet while you do it.

  • parrish

    Hannah Montana forever? Wow! Lauren, it sounds to me like you might already be experiencing the first signs of that neurological damage…impaired judgment!

  • Jen on the Edge

    As if her music weren’t bad enough…

  • oakling

    Ah, another reason Wal-Mart is evil!

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  • rose

    hannah montana isnt bad and her music rocks she isnt evil what lauren said is so right

  • Heather

    Do any of you know where I can find a list of exactly what merchandise should be taken away from our children?? My daughter just had her fifth birthday and about 90% of her gifts are Hannah Montana items. She got everything from bedding, clothes, barbie dolls and a pocket book.
    Thanks ~

  • ash

    I’m 36. I watch Hannah Montana. I have no children. What does that tell you.

  • parrish

    That you’re either incredibly cool, incredibly lame or a serious pedophile. You read Ecorazzi though so I’m just gonna bet you’re INCREDIBLY COOL!!!

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  • observer

    remember the good ol ecorazzi glory days…when it was all about the environment and which celebs were doing what and how their impact affects the rest of us. that is, before it became the soapbox for the new writer and the skewed lens through which he views the world…

  • parrish

    Gosh Observer, could I interest you in a Hanna Montana Secret Star wallet? Only kidding!

    What can I say? Sorry you don’t like my lens (it’s a Nikon…I bought it at B&H Photo).

    I seem to run the gamut with fans (from Parrish Lover to Observer), and while I understand your concern, I’m afraid my posts will continue to come straight from MY soapbox, as it’s the only soapbox I possess.

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  • Raging!

    How does a writer not know how to spell the word ‘possess’?….or ‘parish’?


    …and GO HANNAH!

  • Fan

    don’t let those haters get you down parrish. i think you’re awesome!!!!

  • Tony Iovino

    So I see that the Hannah Montana dolls, made in China, of course, are chock full of lead, a metal which causes harm to intellectual development.

    Hannah Montana fans (and especially their mothers).

    Diminished intellectual development.

    It’s a chicken and egg thing, I think.

  • Devin

    just leave her alone it’s the people that aree making the toys!! NOT her !! So back off of Hannah Montana! GO MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • caroline

    Am I over informed or something? These things are common knowledge in my world. Read Ethical Consumer – you will learn how pervasive all these pollutants are. Is it possible to avoid Chinese products altogether?

  • kendall

    i can’t stand Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus!
    Everytime you look in a magazine she’s always in there for no exciting reason.
    she’s only famous because her dad’s a star so that’s how she got the part as Hannah/Miley on Hannah Montana. Also everytime she is in a magazine she’s always giving a peace sign! what’s up with that? doesn’t she know any diffrent poses!

    • Kemi Idowu

      yes she so stupid

    • Kemi Idowu

      yeah she’s such a devil.

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  • Lynda

    Maybe we should stick to the issue…..and find the true responsible entities that are continually allowing this crap to get to ANY store. Hannah is cute and comes from a good family. I don’t think she’s promoting her LEAD filled memorabilia. It’s not JUST Walmart! Let’s be proactive! Please see the real problem here!

  • http://ecorazzi Brooke


    • grmrsan

      Lead is only bad if ingested. Why would your tweens be eating thier backpacks and wallets?

  • aarsi

    You just joking I know that

  • Jenn

    Hannah is awsome she didnt do any thing its the company! GO HANNAH/Miley

  • Rachel

    If its not bad enough her products have lead in it, she even poses half naked in pictures. More than one too! To put the icing on the cake, the vanity fair issue as well! This is horrible! Disney has really changed their morals and their toys. It’s not like it used to be. Safe and wholesome!!! You’ll never catch me giving my daughters anything Hannah Montana, not even watching her show! My girls dont need this kind of influence.

    • Kemi Idowu

      yeah she justs wanna show off little miss naked.I HATE HER AND I AM GONNA KILL HER.!!!!!



  • Paulyn

    i agree with sherina, Hanna sucks n i coul also sing WAY better than her!
    i also agree with Rachel, HANNA IS ‘SPOILT ROTTEN’! what kinda example does she set 4 ol her fans?
    its a pain too see girls tryin 2 copy Hanna Montana! and who says she cmes from a good family, Lynda? if theyre good theyll punish her or even ban her from singing!
    OK family is innocent but hanna is guilty!

  • http://hannamontanna arleta

    i think she is cool i and i dont want her to leave ok hanna montanna rocks

  • http://ioisiontomona.con lola watson

    i cant just beleave it its all rubbish .hannah is my inspiriation i just want to be like her


    UH SALLY U ARE SO STUPID OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brittani

    shut up just shut up you dont like her and your tying to reuin her rep! so shut up you liar!

  • alifiya

    hannah is the best in the whole world i love till my death

  • monica

    i think hannah rocks , sometimes she’s like too strange and not good , i think she sings well . her chacrecter is OK in the programe but in real she is better and good , really cant’s say anything – bad or good.

  • Ryan C N

    This is the result of people allowing their children to worship such an idol.
    Does anyone remember one of the Ten Commandments that said, “Thou Shall Not Worship False Idols?”
    Hannah Montana is a perfect example of a False Idol. When it comes to being involved in our childrens live, this person if fictional, and only exists in a brainwashing box..

  • Ryan C N

    Also, Don’t immitate Hannah! The result of false idolization is the masses turning into clones…

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  • http://? Skyler

    Hannah montana is sooooooooooo awesome how is she killing kids lifes? I mean If she was doing that she wouldn’t be alble to be on disney channel. Am I right or wrong. If she killed kids lifes she would be on the news and she would also, be arrested. And also Nobody’s perfect. every one says that and that is one of her songs. how many of you are perfect? 0. okay so than if you think youre perfect than think that but youre not. so don’t think that she killed kids lifes she didne’t And she may be a song writer a , actrees a singer but that doesen’t mean that she’s perfect.

  • http://? Skyler

    And also all of kids love her.

  • Adrian

    Come on stop it i am 47 and this is bullshit all what you write

  • Lol Catz

    Lawlz. I Hate hannah montana so much. How did her and her g@y dad get famous?

  • Lol Catz

    I truley hate her

  • Kemi Idowu

    i agree so much with sherina,kendall,paulyn,rachel and ryan cn

    yeah this is so so true she doesnt know any other stye for

    taking a picture she is an idol if i could

    change the world she would be sent to jail

    FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a big

    fat idol heather and ash watch your big fat mouth.

  • Arletta Sabrina Nytko

    OMG! i wonder if its true? please noo!