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Yesterday Ecorazzi told you that Clay Aiken was helping UNICEF promote The Tap Project — a campaign aimed at providing safe drinking water to children around the world. Shortly after posting, the comments came rolling in with support for the pop star turned Spamalot actor. Say what you want about Aiken…but that kid has some serious fans.

Well now another UNICEF ambassador, Lucy Liu, is asking Americans to pitch in during World Water Week and pay the extra $1 for a glass of tap water to help save children’s lives in Africa. Liu is particularly aware of the problem, having just returned from Cote d’Ivoire in Africa — an area lacking clean drinking water.

Liu says, “If you go to a restaurant and they’d give you tap water for free, they’re asking you to donate a dollar for the tap water. One dollar will provide water for 40 children for one day, which is incredible. It’s kind of great – you get to go out and enjoy food with people and you get to give back in such a small and simple way.”

To learn more about The Tap Project visit their website and find a participating restaurant.


  • Mike

    “Say what you want about Aiken…but that kid has some serious fans.”

    OK. I’ll say what I want about him. He is a good, kind, caring, and honest person who is ultra talented, extremely intelligent, and very hard-working. Your “say what you want about Aiken” remark was uncalled for. It implies that there might be a reason for some people to say something different. If they do, they are truly clueless.

    Perhaps those “serious fans” you mentioned have the right idea.

    This TAP Project is an excellent thing, and UNICEF is lucky to have a great representative like Aiken.

  • parrish

    Ladies and Gentleman…the above comment…case in point

  • Toby’s mom

    I think “serious” fans was a poor choice too and somewhat misleading. Possibly “devoted and generous” might have been more to the truth. But then you may say what you want I guess.

  • Johnna

    People should stop “saying what they want” and stick to telling the truth. A prime example is a guy that blogged yesterday. He said he ran into Clay in the Burbank airport and took a picture of some guy sleeping in a chair in the boarding area. He goes on to claim that “Clay” checked him out and that he was so broke that he had to fly coach. You can easily tell that it isn’t Clay, plus he’s in NY on stage 8 times a week, but when you write to the guy and ask him to correct it, he ignores the truth and trashed Clay even more on his blog today. That kind of thing is what has been happening to Clay for years. People telling lies and saying anything they want.

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  • Betty

    I am so happy there are stars like them out there helping those in need.