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As a fitting choice for the first of many eco-friendly packaging schemes, Lionsgate Film Studio has announced that season three of the popular television series Weeds will be a green DVD. No, you won’t be able to smoke it when you’re done — which would be true entertainment unto itself — but you can feel good about its impact on the planet. From the release,

“The trays on all environmentally-friendly DVDs from Lionsgate will be made of 100 percent recycled materials (it’ll take about 500,000 used water bottles to make them) and each tray can be recycled. The paper used for the DVD packaging will be made from 100 percent recycled fibers and is recyclable and compostable.”

Now there’s a nice use for water bottles! According to the site, using recycled materials for the trays will consume less than 10% of the energy normally required to manufacture them from start. Making sure all of their bases are covered, the Weeds Season Three Soundtrack will also sport green packaging.

Duuude, that’s awesome.

Environmental Leader via Earth First

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  • Vanessa

    Europe’s “Food Production Daily” reports a study published by WRAP suggests that manufacturing light-weighted glass is less carbon intensive than manufacturing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles on a per unit weight basis. WRAP Director of Retail and Organics Programmes, Richard Swannel, said in a statement that this report: “demonstrates the positive environmental impact of lightweighting and the incorporation of recycled content. It will help inform the wine packaging and retail industries on the environmental impact of their packaging choices.”

    For more info on organic packaging, visit and also find them on facebook.

  • brainy_blonde

    My fave show on tv (actually I don’t even have cable- on purpose) but i watch weeds online ;) MIght have to buy season 3 though!


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  • no way

    Why couldn’t they just make it out of hemp. The hemp plastic products are incredibly impressive.

  • Watch Weeds Online

    I don’t care what they make it, as long as I am able to watch it. :)

  • faulty packaging

    That’s great that its all green, Go Green, but whats not great is that the CDs fall out and get scratched so I had to exchange my purchase only to find all of the box sets were the same way. That does not make me happy at all. I just want to purchase a copy that isn’t faulty!!!!