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sundance.jpgWord on the streets is that Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel is seeking buyers. The network could be worth as much as $400 million dollars — which would make Redford’s 10% vested pay off quite nicely. More than that, however, having a big name like Time Warner swoop in, purchase the channel, and subsequently throw it onto digital basic would seriously expand its reach. Currently, there are about 26 million subscribers.

Even better, Sundance Channel’s block of eco-programming called The Green could further be enjoyed by the masses; potentially much to the chagrin of Discovery. I’m currently without cable, but I have been fortunate to view some of Sundance’s green shows, and I think they’re wonderful. It would be great to allow more of the cable world access to this content. From the article,

“The Sundance Channel promotes itself as “independent-minded” and shows films, documentaries and original programming. While operating separately from the Sundance Film Festival, it seeks a similar audience. Better-known programs include “Iconoclasts,” where two famous people interview each other, and the eco-lifestyle show “The Green.” On Wednesday night it will present a pair of documentaries, “Nice Bombs” and “The Situation,” focusing on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war.”

Yup – I’m all for smart TV. What do you think of Sundance changing hands?

via NY Times

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  • Sally

    Don’t go giving me false hopes now … I want the Sundance Channel so badly!!!

  • Waylon Lewis

    Yet another ‘independent-minded’ sell out? Silk Soy, Ben & Jerry’s, Odwalla, Naked Juice, Vitamin Water, American Apparel, Honest Tea, Wild Oats, Treehugger, Zaadz, Stonyfield Yogurt, 50% of media overall, Yoga Journal, Burt’s Bees…the list of mindful sell-outs is hundreds deep. I’m all for green going Big, but not if we gotta sell out along the way. Of course, Treehugger managed to sell to a like-minded co, Discovery–a few others such as Wild Oats, Zaadz have managed to sell to a mindful partner–so it’s not all black and white (and green).