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The Washington Post had a quick sit-down with actor Wood Harrelson on the eve of his latest film, The Grand. While sipping some herbal tea, Woody talks about poker, movies, legalization of marijuana, and the organic beauty of his home. Here are some highlights:

On whether or not marijuana should be legalized:

“Yes, both should be legal. It seems logical that in a free country you should be able to do whatever you want to do as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. It’s unfortunate that when I started talking about all this — and partly through my own fault — the focus became totally about marijuana, and hemp got marginalized. My whole focus was on a sustainable economy, which we still don’t have. But at least we’re talking more about the melting ice-caps and greenhouse gases. The problem is, nothing’s really changed yet and we live in a society where the economy is based on all these giant industries that are raping Mother Earth.”

On where he currently lives and what he loves about it:

“Mainly in Hawaii, on Maui, in this community of mostly organic farmers. We run off solar and wind and generators if necessary. I’ve been there nine years and it’s Shangri La to me. I have lots of fruit and coconut trees, and every day I swim, I surf, climb coconut trees, play with my kids, eat mangoes. There’s no form to it, which I kind of like.”

Check out the full interview here.

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  • ash

    Damn. That’s a beautiful life.


    The majority (by a high margin) is now speaking out for reforming Marijuana and Hemp laws throughout America. The truth is known to all what this natural plant has to offer and because of it, the Federal Government is at its last stand. State-by-State is now adopting laws for medicinal use. This is a step in the right direction. Everyone must speak out against the propaganda that the Government is still trying to push. This is a FARCE and totally goes against the values of what this nation was founded.

  • Emily

    everything that you can make with petroleum you can make with hemp oil. everything you can make with trees you can make with the stalk of the plant. it’s medicinal and when used recreationally doesn’t do as much damage as a few rounds of tequila. it’s easy to grow and renewable.

    Where’s the bad?

    ps – totally envious of his hawaiian lifestyle.

  • jim harwood

    Hi Woody,
    Am a fellow traveler in consciousness and relate to your feeling that it is the “darkest before the dawn” assessment of the world today! I work for a biomedical nanotechnology company that is the cutting-edge in nanotechnology because be are abel to encapsulate large molecules for delivery to the cells…a revolutionary development that can eradicate cancer and aging in the next few years. I want to enlist your support in what we wish to accomplish for mankind because you seem like a man that wants to make a difference with his celibrity. We in exchange will contribute to the enviromental charity you desire because that is also important to us. Please contact me via email to discuss more details. BTW….I have practiced TM, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Pancha Karma for 35 years now and would love to discuss the common ground we may share in Eastern philosophy.

  • nile

    The thing is, wood is absolutely correct – that you should be able to do what you please to your body and mind without social comment or criticism. The reality of course is quite different, and the reason for this is because you don’t own your body, the state does. Which is why it determines when you live, die or play war.

    All drugs should be legal. Everything. Each drug should be sold from a specialized drug shop, with clear instructions on what the drug does, its dependency factors, and how dangerous it is to the body and in what quantities.

    Having the drug clearly labeled and informing the user is key. Having shops is key to stopping minors accessing them. And finally the tax revenue released from the sale of these products, goes into further education and rehabilitation clinics for those that tried just a little too hard.

  • Hans

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