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Kate Moss was caught lugging what appears to be a large animal upon arriving outside the The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane in London last night. After PETA praised her for her anti-fur efforts last April, she couldn’t possibly be going back to her naughty ways, right? We’ll let you decide.

via Hollywood Rag

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  • stéphanie Rossenu

    this woman should be aware of the cruelty
    endured by animals to people wear their fur that they so need more than humans !!

  • Luna

    Looking at the picture it could be a fake fur. I had a similar fake coat which I got fed up wearing because I got so much hassle for it.

    I hope it is fake the last thing we need is another celeb doing a Naomi.

  • L.D.

    This woman was caught on drugs and she has a child. There’s nothing more to say about her.

  • Frank

    I will never understand how in this day and age we are still seeing these disturbing images. She’s gross.

  • ash

    so disgusting. all I see is blood.

  • Oh,ill wear all idiots-Love Fur!!!!!If you can effort a few couts you w

    Oh, all idiots-Love Fur!!!!!If you can effort a few couts ,you will wear it.

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