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Remember Knut (pronounced ka-noot…rhymes with “the flute”)? He was that adorable little polar bear that eventually ended up sporting a handsome grin with Leonardo Dicaprio on the cover of Vanity Fair. Well it looks like Knut’s found himself smack dab in the middle of controversy. You know how those polar bears can be.

It’s been reported that Bernhard Blaszkiewitz (try saying that five times fast), the Berlin Zoo director who turned Knut into an international celebrity, might be forced to resign. No he wasn’t doing the naughty with the bear!! Bernhard is being accused of having bred and sold animals for slaughter.

The accusation comes from a Green Party politician who says that Bernhard cross-bred panthers with leopards (pleopards?) and that nine tigers and jaguars were sold to China and used in supplements to help cure impotence. Furthermore, they claim Bernhard sold a pygmy hippopotamus and a family of Asiatic black bears for slaughter in two separate deals conducted in the early 1990s.

Bernhard strongly denies these charges, dismissing them as a “mixture of misunderstanding and nonsense.”

The Berlin Zoo isn’t new to media attention — having caused much controversy in 2006 when they allowed Knut to be reared by a zookeeper after his mother rejected him. The zoo has since earned millions of euros as a result of a huge increase in visitors and will earn even more if a Hollywood film inspired by the bear’s exploits is made.

So will the man who found Knut get the boot? Only time will tell. Stay close Ecorazzi readers…we’ll update you as we know more!

  • Brookie

    Oh god, that’s awful! Awful and unforgivable (if it’s true).

  • JJ

    The “facts” were taken from Spiegel,another German newspaper. The questions are mine.

    Complaint against Dr. Blaszkiewitz
    Facts taken from Spiegel article
    • Dr. Blaszkiewitz said that the pigmy hippopotamus mentioned in the complaint had been sold to a reputable German dealer in exotic animals whom he had known for 30 years in a completely above-board deal.

    Dr.B admitted he did not know what had finally happened to the hippo.

    • Regarding the bear family, Blaszkiewitz said the three bears in question had been old animals which were donated to another reputable dealer in Germany.

    Dr.B. said he did not know where the animals had gone.

    Question regarding Facts

    Would you consider this attitude of Dr. B, Director of 2 Zoos in Berlin, responsible and befitting for a man of his position?

    Are old zoo animals and unwanted young animals from over breeding given to anyone who wants them??

    Any plans for breeding baby animals should include the provision of a quality future for the animals.

    It is irresponsible not to consider the future of young animals in a breeding programme.

    One hope that one outcome of the complaint against Dr. B will prompt the Government to appoint a body with powers to uphold the laws for the protection of animals and to prosecute any anyone breaking the law.

  • JJ
  • Sasi

    I think Knut has been used to make money for the zoo and all the people that took advantage of it. And with the new Polar bear Flocke is coming, they will do the same thing to her when she gets older. Now Knut is older, they wanted to send him away and are making accusation of his status as publicity addicted psycho as an excuse which sadly stated by Markus Roebke one of the keeper. Knut is a bear not britney spears! As stupid as it sounds, it even sounds more stupid to come out from a professional animal analysis. Knut does not understand the emotions it is going through because first he is growing and he does not understand why is he being neglected by his foster father Thomas Doerflein and other keepers who cared for him and secondly, how can Knut adapt to the instant isolation from the people he loves. As human even our kids, if we neglected them how do you think our kids will feel? It is sad to see that no one wanted to HELP Knut other than tormenting him constantly. People sending death treat to a bear? People are just so unrealistic to be against a polar bear. A polar bear whom was used for fame and fortune, now Knut is completely being left fighting for himself without any help and care from anyone. Not even the people he loves as whom he consider as his family.