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In a rare display of corporate promotion, Leonardo DiCaprio paid his first visit to Hong Kong to help launch HSBC’s new line of “green” credit cards. According to the bank release, the green card is made of environmentally friendly materials and uses digital bills to cut down paper consumption. Every transaction will also contribute to a local environmental protection project.

The launch is a joint project between HSBC and The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation. “This pioneering initiative will enable people of Hong Kong to make their own green mark each and every day,” said DiCaprio. Hitting the Asian city also gave Leo the opportunity to be on hand for the premier of his film, The 11th Hour. When asked specifically about the title of the documentary, here’s what he had to say,

“The title is very reflective that we are at the last remaining hour right now. This is the time when we need to implement these changes for the future. I mean, it’s going to be a huge transition towards a sustainable future – we, as these industrial nations can be self-sustainable in terms of producing our own energy and curbing these huge carbon emissions. I wanted to take the role in the film of being a concerned citizen — asking the great minds of the world what they think. The overall scientific community definitely feels that we are in that last remaining hour.”

DiCaprio also commented on Planet Green and his project to rebuild the town of Greensburg — calling it the sustainable city of the future. Check out the full video of Leo’s Hong Kong visit below:

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  • Carter Kirkwood

    I agree with DiCaprio that switching to e-bills is a great way to help the environment.

    However, our market research has found that the main reasons most people do not switch over to e-bills and e-statments is that it takes them too much time to collect those e-documents and because there is no easy way to organize them on their home PC, so most people assume that they will have to print out the documents anyway (which pretty much ruins the environmental benefit).

    I am the founder of VaultStreet, which is the world’s first end-to-end paperless record keeping system for consumers. This makes it easy for consumer’s to truly be green while at the same time saving them hundreds of hours a year. If you are interested you can go to to learn more. Who knows, maybe DiCaprio will check it out and encourge people to use VaultStreet as well.

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