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Mariah Carey’s new album is entitled E=MC2. However, I’d argue that a more appropriate title might be E=C02.

Recently when Mariah was asked about her sudden weight loss, she explained: “I got too bulky. Now I’m down to my 11th grade size after lots of hard work with my personal trainer Patricia.”

Patricia, huh? Who in the world is this mysterious Patricia who keeps raspy pop stars in skinny jeans? Mariah continued:  “Patricia lives in St. Barts, poor girl. People say to me, ‘Only you would fly someone from St. Barts in the Caribbean to New York to work out’.”

EEEEK!!!! Mimi is flying her personal trainer in from St. Barts to New York for each training session?!?!?!?!? Zoinks, Scoob! Now I like Mariah’s figure as much as the next dude, but are those lovely lady lumps really worth all that wasted C02? Me don’t think so!




  • enchanted

    OK, let’s talk about taking quotes out of context! She never said she flies her out EVERY time. Maybe she came out for an extended stay.

  • ash

    Mariah is not washed up. She still blows most singers out of the water, but I gather a local personal trainer could do the job as well.

  • caroline

    I have always despised Carey – now I have another reason.

  • casey

    i dont understand why the people who despises mariah bothers to take the time to leave a comment about her, get a life!
    all the haters can go f$%$ themselves. There are artists that i don’t like, but i respect them for what they do, i dont waste my time bashing them. Do u purposely find sites so that u can say bad shit about Mariah

  • Brad Watson

    I’ve been researching reincarnation for app. 20 years. I’m convinced Mariah was Billie Holiday in her previous life. Her character in the movie Glitter was named Billie. This is just one of many non-coincidental synchronisms that point to Billie Holiday. Science tells us that information can be created but not destroyed, although it’s transferrable.

  • joseph dominico

    Mariah is definitely a LEGEND. I am a great fan of hers. Have a lot of respect for her. People will continue to say good/bad abot her. But so long as she is happy with who she is, puts the LORD first in every situation, even on live TV, MARIAH! YOU GO GIRL! AND KEEP GOING ALL THE WAY.

  • donna

    How can someone who has been around for years be washed up?? it is the one hit wonder people who are worthless…not these folks that keep coming back with hits. Just because you hittin 40 does not mean you washed up…I have been a mariah fan for YEARS….keep em comin girl!!!

  • unknown

    she sure aint no chaka or whitney or beyonce.thank you.and she needs to put some damn clothes on.

  • Drew

    A Beyonce!!!beyonce can’t even sing she is too nasal. Not to mention her live performances such. She is not a diva. Mariah is the best in the case of Beyonce.

  • Drew

    Not to mention the fact that Mariah is 38, and she can still pull of the sexy clothes. Some people are younger and they are still fat…. cough cough beyonce.

  • Brittany

    Mariah Carey has had more best selling albums that the amazing Elvis himself. She’s hit a WORLD RECORD! And now that she wants to lose a bit of weight, you’re arguing over whether she’s amazing or not? So what if she flies her coach a few times every week? And who said she does it every day? Honestly, look at your life and weight. Why do you despise her again? Go make something of yourself.