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There is a video circulating the web featuring actor Will Arnett as part of the Human Giant sketch series that’s radically offensive, funny, and downright frightening. In the very beginning, Arnett makes fun of the Hollywood-Hybrid scene by showing off his new car. From the video: “Between you and me, I drive a Hummer with a Prius shell on top of it. It gets even worse mileage than a Hummer.”

The picture alone is hilarious — but after that, should you be remote offended by, well, anything — it’s best you stop the video right there.

If you’re feeling brave, proceed to the clip here. There’s no nudity, but the language alone makes it NSFW.

via Jalopnik

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  • Brookie

    That was great! I love him so much!

  • caroline

    When he pushes their faces together! Priceless!

    I think the Prius joke is NOT centre stage somehow! Green Hollywood stars are a pain in the arse, but I don’t think the answer is to go the opposite way because you don’t like their hypocrisy – that is just an excuse to be a lazy, greedy wasteful bastard.

  • michael

    No, the Prius joke is definitely not center-stage.

    Glad to see you two have a sense of humor though!

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