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Actor Keanu Reeves recently let slip some new details on an update to the classic 1951 science fiction film he’s working on called The Day the Earth Stood Still. The original black-and-white movie addressed issues of violence, politics, and the fear of global annihilation from nuclear weapons. In the 2008 version, global warming and climate change are now the forces we should be wary of. From the article,

“’The first one was borne out of the cold war and nuclear détente. Klaatu came and was saying cease and desist with your violence. If you can’t do it yourselves we’re going to do it. That was the film of that day, Reeves explained. ‘The version I was just working on, instead of being man against man, it’s more about man against nature. My Klaatu says that if the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the earth survives. I’m a friend to the earth. While humanity still engages in a staggering number of international conflicts, the environmental message is one that, not only encompasses wars, and fights, and terrorism, but one that goes beyond constrictions to become a millennial message of ‘what we are doing and who we are as a species,’ Reeves insisted. ‘We’re trying to reach beyond the idea of [just] environmentalism.’”

The film will also star Jennifer Connelly and one really large robot. What do you think? Awesome or blah?

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  • oakling

    Well, I’m a little suspicious of the way that he describes the wide reach of environmentalism and then is like “we’re going beyond just environmentalism,” but maybe he just isn’t very articulate.

  • RemyC

    If you die, the earth turns into Mars… if there’s nobody left to maintain all the nuclear power plants and nuclear waste dump sites, the earth will rapidly become so polluted with radioactive waste, not even a weed or an insect will be able to sustain itself… As for the movie… remakes are hit or miss… the original has so many subliminals going on under the surface, a well documented CIA orchestrated propaganda film… that it would be hard to duplicate its emotional impact at the time. I’d have left well enough alone, come up with something original…