flowerI don’t know how inconspicuous they were, but according to a new book, Walt Disney cartoons have helped inspire a generation of environmental conservationists through secret themes and plot lines. Titled The Idea of Nature in Disney Animation, the author explores how everything from Tarzan to Bambi “systematically encouraged generations of children to ally themselves with the natural world and protect it.” They also caused me to have a crush on that chick from Aladdin during my early years, whatever that means. [via Times Online]

flowerMaya Karin, a popular Malaysian actress, recently allowed journalists to visit her home and check out all the cool, green improvements she’s making in her life. “What I want to do is prove that we can live the modern life and still care for the environment at the same time,” she said. “My role is to be a communicator and to get the word out about the environmental issues we face.” [read more…]

flowerEd Begley Jr. gave a young Leonardo DiCaprio his first ride in an electric car back in 1990…

flowerAdam Gardner of the band Guster — and co-founder of green touring organization Reverb — once had a tour bus named “The Earth Eater”. Thankfully, he’s turned that all around and explains his environmental passions and drive to create Reverb in this great interview.

flowerParis Hilton once again made for a great ambassador of American education while answering questions during a press stop in South Africa. “I LOVE Africa in general, South Africa and West Africa. They are both great countries,” she said. Yes. Yes, they are.

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  • oakling

    omg no, that is horrifyingly true about the green messages. the horrifying part is that my grandmother is an insane fundamentalist, and her fundie cult has been spouting crap about how disney’s environmentalist imagery and messages are Pagan and therefore from satan for yeeeears now. They have whole crappy, badly-produced broadsheets about Pocahontas and the trees and so on.

  • Carmen

    Haha, does anyone remember Ferngully? I was just a little kid when that movie came out and LOVED it (it probably inspired my future job as an environmental biologist). Anyway, my friend and I were talking about it and how Ferngully is pretty much one giant piece of propaganda from Greenpeace. Obviously, we still love it, but it’s so much more blatantly obvious to us as adults…and blatantly corrupting our children far more than Disney ever did. :)

  • Brookie

    I’m a total Disney kid and have always loved animals and been passionate about the environment.
    Subliminal messages work!

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