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The UK Daily Mail has published a unique photographic perspective of Brad Pitt’s sustainable building initiative for New Orleans’ devastated lower 9th ward. The pink structures — which the actor assembled  as a “metaphor representing the future of renewed housing” — are temporary while the real homes are built over time. For more, check out the Daily Mail’s article here.

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  • Peter

    how humiliating.

    seriously – who does this dude think he is?

    u wanna build houses? fine – do it – but don’t make them *#*#@#@*@*#*# pink. a@@@#@#.


    It doesnt matter what color they are, the POINT is that hes getting it done and dedicating his time and effort into this project. I applaud him and tell anyone else who doesn’t to go do their part instead of complaining about something do insignificant.

    Jen Ramos
    ’100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  • crixenauf

    Are they really going to stay pink?

  • Mike

    I’m glad to see someone with excess wealth willing to give back to people who truly deserve and need help. Too many others talk about what we should do; so it’s good to see someone taking action and not just for attention. It really shouldn’t matter what “color” or shape the help comes from.

  • Charlotte Bell

    I think it’s great im so happy to hear people with the money to do this are. If i had that sort of money there is so much you can do. Now thats a human bein