The similarities are remarkable!

Researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society have discovered that actor and humanitarian Brad Pitt is actually related to Barack Obama. CREEPY! According to the society, Pitt and Obama are ninth cousins, linked by a man named Edwin Hickman who died in 1769 in Virginia.Then just when it couldn’t get stranger…it did! It was further revealed that Pitt’s long-term partner Angelina Jolie is also ninth cousins to another famous Democratic candidate… Hillary Clinton. What the Mr. and Mrs. Smith is going on? Jolie is connected to Clinton through Jean Cusson, who died in Quebec, Canada, in 1718.

The study also found Obama is related to British World War II Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US Vice President Dick Cheney, while Clinton has links to Madonna, Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette.

Now I don’t know a lot about genetics, but isn’t this strange to anyone else? The only famous person I’m related to is some guy who made the local paper in the 1800’s after getting hit by a train. Maybe that’s why I’M not running for president or saving New Orleans. Oh well.



  • Alyssa

    Nah I mean I’m sure we’re all related to all sorts of famous people we just don’t have Histor Genealogical Societies trying to find ties and finding photographic evidence:

  • MER

    Why is it “CREEPY”? Why is it strange? This is America … the melting pot, remember?

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  • anonymous

    this is such a stupid lie? who is believing this crap?

  • L Babb

    It’s not Creepy and it’s not a lie. I am also related to Obama & Pitt as my Hickman line goes back to Edwin Hickman. Obama’s white grandmother comes from the Hickman line. I research genealogy and find this so facinating.
    Six degrees of really is true!!!
    We really are all connected in some way..whether we like it or not.
    When are people going to get over the skin color thing??? Backwards a-holes

  • Amanda

    I am related to heaps of famous Aussies – everyone is related right? I mean if we all came from Adam and Eve???
    Being related to someone does not give you visiting rights tho so who cares!!!

  • NJ

    The similarities? They are both wearing dark suits and standing behind a microphone? Gee ! That is amazing.

    I must be related to all those famous people too, because my family is related to Obama through his mom.

    However, I am very skeptical because I also do geneaology and I know that records newer than 1930 are not released yet. How can they check on Brad Pitt or Obama unless he provides them with family records??

    If you know a way to find records after 1930, let me know…and let know. Thanks

  • cherise

    it all makes sense… they all link together with the power elite. the main people in charge like to keep the power within the blood line. mostly to screw us over in the end.