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Just when you thought a $50 million divorce settlement might finally put an end to all the drama, Heather Mills is apparently going back for seconds. Why? Well apparently it just isn’t enough for her to survive on. Seriously.

The now ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney is claiming that it’s just not possible to look after her three-year-old daughter on the nearly $70,000 provided for her care. Wha? My God, I could actually afford to look at the expensive part of a sushi menu for that amount! What exactly does a three-year-old require? Well, according to Heather, she doesn’t want her child to be seen to have a different lifestyle when she is with Mom compared to with Dad. Ah ha, so it’s all about the image. Yea, that’s pretty important to someone under five. It gets better:

“One said: ‘Heather says she can prove the amount of money that is being given to look after Bea will not last over the year. She is putting it to the test. Even with Bea travelling in economy Heather says it’s not enough. She is keeping every receipt – including her invoice to her security team – to show that £35,000 is just not sufficient.'”

The point here is that organizations supported by Mills should not expect much in the way of donations. While $50 million may sound like a lot to you and me, we should remember that it signals destitution for others.

via daily mail

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  • Emily

    Greed. It’s one of the 7 deadlies.

  • barbara

    Her favorite charity is herself. She is a sad pathetic woman using her child to get money. She only has her half of the time. The father pays for school, medical, her nanny, her security for two years, her clothes – what’s left? Food for half a year? I think $70,000 would cover that.

  • Brent

    From the behavior of this looney, gold-digging winch. It’s obvious that baby Bea would be better off with a hired nanny in the custody of daddy Paul.
    This greedy hag needs to get a taste of what destitute is all about.There are probably 6 billion people on this planet that would feel exceedingly blessed to be in her “unacceptable”financial position.
    If she’s the talent she claims she is. She should be able to easily start generating her own income from all the T.V.,Movie and acting offers that would be coming her way. No?

  • carol

    I’m sure Paul is waiting for h to ignore the gag order and go to jail.Then he will apply for full custody of 4 year old Beatrice. No one in the tv and film industry want to touch h with a 10 foot pole.The USA wants nothing to do with her.

  • Kay

    Perhaps Paul should look into getting custody of Bea since her care is putting Heather in “financial straits”. I’m sure she would be better cared for with Paul anyway. Heather seems mentally unbalanced.

  • Jayne

    And after Paul gets full custody, I think that Stella with help sister Bea, too; after Heather in mental institution or prison.

  • Lori

    Heather needs to just go away and leave Sir Paul, his family and the world alone. $50 million is more than enough to live on. What happened to how happy she was with the outcome. She is nuts! I agree Paul should go for custody. He’s a much better role model as a parent. As to Linda’s wealth? It’s none of her business. She really is a money grubber

  • oakling

    She is a nutbar. She clearly is afraid that their kid will like Paul more than her, think less of her in some way, if she can’t provide solid gold laptops and such. Because she’s insane and has no concept of what kids actually need (love, attention, healthy boundaries, etc.) or want from parents. That kid is going to end up looooathing her for her personality alone.

  • Rae

    Ms.Mills needs to prove why she demands so much money from Sir Paul.
    I feel she is very self-centered and greedy.

  • Patricia

    I feel very sorry for Paul, because unfortunetly he will have to deal with that nutcase for the rest of his life, after all SHE is the mother of his child. Hopefully he will get custody of Bea soon before her crazy Mom has a chance to teach her how to be GREEDY.
    Paul would be the BETTER Parent for sure.

  • Mary Davis

    Sir Paul and Linda ‘managed’ to raise 4 kids without full time security, private helicopters, and sent them to state schools. No photos of them ducking pararazzi – he knows what he’s doing.

    I’m not certain why she hasn’t been held accountable for her ‘suicide’ rants on TV and her behavior in court, but it’s a concern, obviously.

    She’s not OK, but more importantly – how is she going to explain all this to her daughter at some point?

  • Mori

    She talks from both sides of her mouth. On the one hand, it’s not enough money to raise Bea with, and on the other hand, she’s going to donate it all to charity.

    Go figure?

  • Single mom

    HELLO MS MILLS–aren’t BOTH parents supposed to contribute to their child’s support???

    Mr McCartney is paying for their daughter’s school and nanny, IN ADDITION to the $70,000US child support.

    Ms Mills is receiving generous maintenance plus amounts for charitable giving and real estate properties. She is also “free” of the limitations her marriage placed on her so-called career. Surely a portion of her income goes to support her child.

    Or, is her daughter simply a bargaining chip in Ms Mills’ battle of entitlement to others’ wealth?

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